Blood Hook (1986)

USA, 1986
92m; 111m [director’s cut]
Super 16mm film, colour, 1.66:1
mono, English

An American comedy horror film directed by James Mallon.

Plot Summary

The residents of a small Wisconsin town are preparing for their annual fishing competition. But a madman is on the loose wielding an oversized fishing hook and lure and teh bodies are soon piling up.


Directed by: James Mallon
© MCMLXXXVI [1986] Spider Lake Films Limited Partnership
Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz present a Troma Team release.
Spider Lake Films Limited Partnership and Golden Chargers Productions present a David Herbert production of a James Mallon film
Executive Producers: Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz
Produced by: David Herbert
Screenplay by: Larry Edgerton, John Galligan
Story by: Gail Anderson, David Herbert, James Mallon, Douglas Rand
Director of Photography: Marsha Kahm
Editor: Marsha Kahm
Music Composed and Performed by: Thomas A. Naunas
Sound Recordist: Tom Naunas
Costuming: Patsy Herbert
Make-Up: Darcy Knight
Hair Design: Claudia Foussard
Special Make-up Design: Dale Kuippers

Mark Jacobs (Peter van Clease)
Lisa Todd (Ann)
Patrick Danz (Rodney)
Sara Hauser (Kiersten)
Christopher Whiting (Finner)
Don Winters (Leroy Leudke)
Paul Drake (Wayne Duerst)
Bill Lowrie (Evelyn Duerst)
Sandy Meuwissen (Bev D.)
Dale Dunham (Denny Dobyns)
Paul Heckman (the sheriff)
Don Cosgrove (Roger Swain)
Bonnie Lee (Shiela Swain)
Greg Nienas (Irving Swain)
Julie Vortanz (Ruth-Ann Swain)
Donald Franke (grandfather)
Ryan Franke (young Peter)
Dana Remker (Dickie)
John Galligan, Ron Kaiser (emcees)

Alternative Titles

Gancho sangriento – Argentina
Garra sangrienta – Spain
Ihmiskalastaja – Finland
Leichen an der Angel – West Germany
Muskie Madness – working title
Pêche Humaine – Canada (French)
Veriloma hämähäkkijärvellä – Finland (video)



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