Daughter of Darkness (1990)

USA, 26 January
colour, 4:3
stereo, English

An American horror television directed by Stuart Gordon.

Plot Summary

A young woman, Katherine Thatcher, travels to Romania in search of her missing father and finds herself drawn into a strange underworld where she is menaced by .


Directed by: Stuart Gordon
Copyright: King Phoenix Productions
Accent Entertainment Corporation in association with King Phoenix Entertainment
Executive in Charge of Production: Mel A. Bishop
Executive Producers: Harry Chandler, Gerald W. Abrams
Produced by: András Hámori
Co-Producer: Andrew Laskos
Co-Producer For Novofilm: Pál Sándor
Line Producers: Ken Gord, Peter Koltai
Written by: Andrew Laskos
Editor: Andy Horvitch
Music: Colin Towns
Sound Mixer: István Sipos
Costume Designers: Eva Gord, Judit Szekulesz
Make-up: Mari Romwalter
Hair: Hedvig Wieder
Special Make-up: Craig Reardon
Special Effects: Péter Szilágyi, Gyula KrasnyÁnszky
Production Designer: Tamás Hornyánszky

Anthony Perkins (Anton, Prince Constantine)
Mia Sara (Katherine Thatcher)
Robert Reynolds (Grigore)
Dezsõ Garas (Max)
Jack Coleman (Devlin)
Erika Bodnár (Nicole)
Kati Rák
Ági Margitai
Attila Lõte
Mari Kiss (Elena)
Ferenc Némethy
István Hunyadkürthy



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