Blackenstein (1973)

USA, 1973
35mm film, colour

An American horror film directed by William A. Levey.

Plot Summary

Dr Stein performs radical surgery on wounded crippled black Vietnam vet Eddie, grafting on new arms and legs. But when a spurned lover alters the dosage of the drugs being administered, Eddie turns into a deranged monster and is soon rampaging through the streets of Los Angeles.


Director: William A. Levey
Eddie C. Stewart, Exclusive International Pix
Executive Producer: Ted Tetrick
Producer: Frank R. Saletri
Script: Frank R. Saletri
Director of Photography: Robert Caramico
Editor: Bill Levey
Music: Cardella Di Milo, Lou Frohman
Sound: Dick Damon
Wardrobe Supervisor: Sharon Lally
Make-up Designer: Gordon Freed
Make-up: Jerry Soucie
Prosthetics Constructor: William Munns
Special Electrical Effects: Ken Strickfaden, Frank R. Saletri

John Hart (Dr Stein)
Ivory Stone (Dr Winifred Walker)
Joe De Sue (Eddie Turner)
Roosevelt Jackson (Malcom)
Andrea King (Eleanor)
Nick Bolin (Bruno Strager)
Karin Lind (Mrs Wayne)
Yvonne Robinson (hospital receptionist)
Bob Brophy (hospital attendant
Liz Renay (Nelson’s bed-mate)
Jerry Soucie (Nelson)
Beverly Haggerty (Beth)
Daniel Fauré (Beth’s date
Andy-C (nightclub comedian)
Cardella De Milo (nightclub singer)
Marva Farmer (black woman in alley)
Robert L. Hurd (black man in alley)
Jim Cousar (Lt. Jim Jackson)
Don Brodie (Captain Tucker)
Dale Bach (girl in dune buggy)

Alternative Titles

Black Frankenstein
The Fall of the House of Blackenstein
Return of Blackenstein

Extracts included in
Frankenstein: A Cinematic Scrapbook (1991)


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