Cassandra (1986)

Dolby, English

An Australian horror film directed by Colin Eggleston.

Plot Summary

“A young girl is haunted by horrifying nightmares of suicide and murder…. and they are all joined by one malevolent thread. Her dreams at first seem to be pure fantasy but as her parents do their best to placate her, the dreams reveal more of her family's tragic secrets as they begin to echo a bloody reality. – from the press kit


Director: Colin Eggleston
Cassandra Films Pty Ltd, Parallel Film Productions Ltd
Executive Producers: Mikael Borglund, Phil Gerlach
Producer: Trevor Lucas
Associate Producer/Production Manager: Steve Amezdroz
Script: Colin Eggleston, Christopher Fitchett, John Fitchett, John Ruane
1st Assistant Director: Michael Faranda
Director of Photography: Garry Wapshott
Editor: Josephine Cook
Lab: Atlab Film Laboratory Service, Sydney, Australia
Music: Trevor Lucas, Ian Mason
Costume Designer: Anthony Jones
Pyrotechnician: Albert Payne
Production Designer: Stewart Burnside
Art Director: Max Manton
Action Vehicle Coordinator: Harry Ward
Stunt Coordinator: Max Aspin
Stunts: Dale Aspin, Robert Simper
Fire Stunt Coordinator: Frank Lennon
Fire Stunts: Paul Lennon
Safety Advisor: Claude Lambert

Tegan Charles (Cassandra as a child)
Dylan O'Neill (Warren as a child)
Tessa Humphries (Cassandra)
Briony Behets (Helen)
Natalie McCurry (Sally)
Shane Briant (Stephen)
Tim Burns (Graham)
Susan Barling (Libby)
Lee James (Robert/Warren)
Jeff Watson (Bob)
Gary Traill (Mr Stone)
Kit Taylor (Harrison)
Jeff Truman (Devlin)
Kate Carruthers (Janice)
John Ley (barman)

Alternative Titles

Cassandra – Omen des Todes – West Germany
Kasandra – Poland



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Other Sources

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