The Defiance of Good (1974)

35mm film, colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American pornographic horror film directed by Armand Weston.

Plot Summary

When she's caught using drugs, teenager Cathy is sent by her deeply religious parents to a psychiatric facility where she is tortured, raped and abused by staff and inmates alike.


Directed by: Armand Weston
S.P.S.C. Productions Inc. © 1974
A Jason Russell presentation
Produced by: Jason Russell
Production Manager: Fred Lincoln
Written by: Armand Weston
Continuity: Alice Freed
Dir. of Photography: Steven Todd
Asst. Cameraman: Bernie North
Gaffer: Doug Milt
Grip: Mik Cribben
Edited by: S. Kraig Jenson
Asst. Editor: Raoul Foster
Music Written and Produced by: Jack Mallow
Sound: Phil Voza
Sound Asst.: Raoul Foster
Wardrobe: Tyrone Brown
Make-up: Alfredo Martinez
Make-up Asst.: Tina Russell
Set Design: Tyrone Brown
Set Asst.: Steve Finkin
Set Const.: John Lawless
Props: Pleasure Palace
Commissary: Tina Russell
Production Asst.: Marcy Jones, James Carn

Jean Jennings (Cathy)
Fred Lincoln (Dr Gabriel)
Day Jason (Susan)
Holly Landis (Cathy's mother)
Roderick Usher (Cathy's father)
Ellen Hill (Miss Caine)
David Harrison (Dr Krausse)
Kevin Andre (Dr Hirsch)
Turk Turpin (male nurse)
Dulce Mann (admitting nurse)
Frank Baker (hosp. orderly)
Tony Marcus (limo driver)
Marc Stevens, Tyrone Lowe, Barry Clarke, Doug Johns, Sandy Foxx, Faith Jones, Hurant, Mickie Oats, Michael Johns, Sal Sanderone (inmates)
Jaime Gillis [real name: Jamie Gillis], Sonny Landham, Pam Sanders, Alexander Life, Jack Conner (Dr Gabriel's patients)

Alternative Titles

Cure Me – US video title
– French Canadian title

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Nightmare USA by Stephen Thrower p.516 – note