Wings of Death (1985)

UK, 1985
21m, 1893 feet
35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Nicholas Bruce and Michael Coulson.

Plot Summary

In the revolting and decaying Byzantium Hotel, young heroine addict Alex relives an idyllic – and possibly apocryphal – past before slipping into a much more terrifying world. A sinister little girl wanders the corridors, cutting open her doll “to see what’s inside” while winos and junkies prowl as flesh-eating zombies…


Director: Nicholas Bruce, Michael Coulson
British Film Institute Productions
Executive Producer: Peter Sainsbury
Line Producer: Wilko Swords
Associate Producer: Paul Webster
Script: Nichola Bruce, Michael Coulson
Director of Photography: Gale Tattersall
Editor: John Wilson
Music: Muscle Films
Noise Sequences Music: Fritz Haaman, Suzanne Reddington, Jim Whelan
Sound Recordist: Marion Dain
Costume Designers: Sandy Powell, Cath Pater Lancucki
Make-up: Helen Whiting
Special Effects: Cinebuild
Art Director: Jane Bruce

Dexter Fletcher (Alex)
Kate Hardie (Looey)
Tony Haygarth (dad/landlord)
Paula Jacobs (mum/landlady)
Lynne Radford (little girl)
Adam French (dealer)
Hidden Grin Theatre Company (derelicts)



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