The Devil’s Rain (1975)

35mm film, colour, 2.35:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Robert Fuest.

Plot Summary

A middle aged man returns to his family's rural home in time to see his father die. Before he dies, however, he asks his son to deliver a book to a man who seems to be the high priest of a sinister Satanic cult. The son soon finds himself becoming embroiled in the cult's activities.


Directed by: Robert Fuest
© MCMLXXV [1975] by Bryanston Distributors, Inc.
Bryanston Distributors, Inc. presents a Sandy Howard production, Released by Bryanston Distributors, Inc.
Executive Producer: Sandy Howard
Produced by: James V. Cullen, Michael S. Glick
Associate Producer: Gerald Hopman
Written by: Gabe Essoe & James Ashton and Gerald Hopman
Director of Photography: Alex Phillips Jr
Film Editor: Michael Kahn
Music Composed and Conducted: Al de Lory
Sound Mixer: Manuel Topete
Wardrobe: Carol Wenger
Makeup: The Burman's Studio
Special Effects: Clifford & Carol Wenger, Thomas Fisher, Federico Farfan
Special Photographic Effects by: Film Effects of Hollywood, Linwood G. Dunn, Don W. Weed
Production Designer: Nikita Knatz
Technical Advisor: Anton Szandor Lavey, High Priest of the Church of Satan

Ernest Borgnine (Jonathan Corbis)
Eddie Albert (Dr. Samuel Richards)
William Shatner (Mark Preston)
Keenan Wynn (Sheriff Owens)
Tom Skerritt (Tom Preston)
Joan Prather (Julie Preston)
Ida Lupino (Mrs Preston)
Woodrow Chambliss (John)
John Travolta (Danny)
Claudio Brook (preacher)
Lisa Todd (Lilith)
George Sawaya (Steve Preston)
Erika Carlson (Aaronessa Fyffe)
Tony Cortez (first captor)
Anton Lavey (High Priest)
Diane Lavey (Priscilla Corbis)
Robert Wallace (Matthew Corbis)

Alternative Titles

Apodrasi daimonon apo tin Kolasi – Greece (re-release)
A Chuva do Diabo – Brazil
The Devil's !
Devil's Rain – Verflucht in alle Ewigkeit – West German (video)
Diabelska ulewa – Poland
I djävulens klor – Sweden (video)
Djevelens regn – Norway
Fluch der Dämonen – West German bootleg version title
Hell Rain
La lluvia del diablo – Mexico, Spain
Il maligno – Italy
Nachts, wenn die Leichen schreien – Germany, West German
Nachts, wenn die Zombies schreien – West Germany (re-release)
La pluie de l'enfer – Canada (French)
La pluie du diable – Canada (French)
I satans klor – Sweden
I vrohi efere ta zombi – Greece (re-release)
I vrohi tou Diavolou – Greece
To xypnima ton nekron – Greece (re-release)
Адский дождь – Russia

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