Tendre Dracula (1975)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, French

A French comedy horror film directed by Pierre Grunstein.


Directed by: Pierre Grunstein
Vincent Malle presents a co-production A.M.L.F.-Films Christian Fechner-Renn Productions-VM Productions
Executive Producer: Jerome Kanapa
Director of Photography: Jean-Jacques Tarbes
Scenario and Dialogues by: Justin Lenoir
Adaptation: Justin Lenoir, Harold Brav, Pierre Grunstein
Cameraman: Bernard Noisette
Editing: Anne-Marie Deshayes
Music: Karl Heinz Schafer
English Lyrics by: Steve Eckardt
Sound: Antoine Bonfanti
Art Director: Jean-Pierre Kohutsuelko
Designed by: Jean Gourmelin

Peter Cushing (MacGregor)
Alida Valli (Héloise)
Bernard Menez (Alfred)
Miou Miou (Marie)
Nathalie Courval (Madeleine)
Stéphane Shandor (Boris)
Julien Guiomar (le producteur)
Percival Russel (Abélard, le serviteur)
Brigitte De Borghese (la secrétaire d'Héloise)

Alternative Titles

La Grande trouille – France



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