Arachnophobia (1990)

USA, 1990
35mm film, 70mm film (blow-up), colour, 1.85:1
Dolby Stereo (35mm prints); 70mm 6-Track (70mm prints), English
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An American horror film directed by Frank Marshall. It was released in the States on 28 November 1989 1Variety 2 May 1990 p.S-53.

Plot Summary

Dr James Atherton discovers several dozen new species of insect in a remote corner of Venezuela. One particularly nasty strain of spider kills a photographer and hides out in his coffin, finding its way to Canaima, California when it begins mating with the local arachnids to produce murderous hybrids. Arachnophobic doctor Ross Jennings and his family have recently moved to the town and as his patients begin to die in a mysterious way and the rest of the town dub him Doctor Death, Jennings fights a lonely battle to convince the authorities that the deadly spiders are for real. Aided by eccentric bug exterminator Delbert McClintock and a bunch of Atherton’s entomologist buddies, Jennings tracks the male spider to its lair and prepares to face his terrible fears…


Directed by: Frank Marshall
© MCMXC [1990] Hollywood Pictures Company and Amblin Entertainment, Inc.
Hollywood Pictures and Amblin Entertainment present a Frank Marshall film. This motion pictures was created by Tangles Web Productions, Inc. and Amblin Entertainment, Inc.
Distributed by: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.
Executive Producers: Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall
Co-Executive Producers: Ted Field and Robert W. Cort
Produced by: Kathleen Kennedy, Richard Vane
Co-Producer: Don Jakoby
Associate Producer: William S. Beasley
Screenplay by: Don Jakoby and Wesley Strick
Story by: Don Jakoby & Al Williams
Director of Photography: Mikael Salomon
Film Editor: Michael Kahn
Music by: Trevor Jones
Sound Mixer: Ronald Judkins
Costumes by: Jennifer L. Parsons
Make-Up Artists: James L. McCoy, David Quashnick
Hairstylists: Carolyn L. Elias, Dione Taylor
Special Effects Supervisor: Matt Sweeney
Spider Created and Designed by: Chris Walas, Inc.
Creature Effects Supervisor: Chris Walas
Visual Effects Supervisor: David Sosalla
Matte Painting Effects Produced by: Matte World, Marin County, California
Production Designer: James Bissell

Jeff Daniels (Ross Jennings)
Julian Sands (Dr James Atherton)
Harley Jane Kozak (Molly Jennings)
Brian McNamara (Chris Collins)
Stuart Pankin (Sheriff Parsons)
Henry Jones (Dr Sam Metcalf)
James Handy (Milton Briggs)
Roy Brocksmith (Irv Kendall)
Peter Jason (Henry Beechwood)
Mark L. Taylor (Jerry Manley)
John Goodman as Delbert McClintock
Kathy Kinney (Blaire Kendall)
Mary Carver (Margaret Hollins)
Garette Patrick Ratliff (Tommy Jennings)
Marlene Katz (Shelley Jennings)
Jane Marla Robbins (Edna Beechwood)
Theo Schwartz (Bunny Beechwood)
Cori Wellins (Becky Beechwood)
Chance Boyer (Bobby Beechwood)
Brandy (Brandy Beechwood)

Alternative Titles

Along Came a Spider – working title
Arachnophobie – French title
Aracnofobia – Argentine/Italian/Peruvian/Portuguese /Spanish title
Araknofobia – Finnish title
Imse vimse spindel – Swedish title
Pajaki – Polish title

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The Horror Hall of Fame (1990)

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