The Charlatan (1929)

35mm film, black and white, 1.20:1mono, English

An American horror film directed by George Melford.

Plot Summary

A woman visits a fortune teller and when he proves uncannily knowledgable about her past life, she invites him to a party. But the fortune teller is actually her vengeful ex-husband who she abandoned many years earlier. And now he's looking for his revenge.


Director: George Melford
Universal Pictures
Script: J.G. Hawks
Adaptation: Robert N. Lee
Dialogue: Jacques Rollens, Tom Reed
Original Play: Ernest Pascal, Leonard Praskins
Photography: George Robinson
Editors: Robert Jahns, Maurice Pivar
Titles: Tom Reed

Holmes Herbert (Count Merlin/Peter Dwight)
Margaret Livingston (Florence Dwight Taylor)
Rockliffe Fellowes (Richard Talbot)
Philo McCullough (Dr Paynter)
Anita Garvin (Mrs Paynter)
Crauford Kent (Frank Deering)
Rose Tapley (Mrs Deering)
Fred Mackaye (Jerry Starke)
Dorothy Gould (Ann Dwight Talbot)

Alternative Titles

Cena Final – Brazil
Doktor Gift – Austria
Erik il grande – Italy
Erik le mystérieux – France
Erik the Great – working title
Farlig makt – Sweden
O Grande Ilusionista – Portugal
Illusion – Germany
Magia roja – Spain
The Last Call – Ireland, UK
De tolv Klinger – Denmark
Az utolsó előadás – Hungary
Thysia erotos – Greece



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