The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)

35mm film, “filmed in Eastman Color”
mono, English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Bill Rebane.

Plot Summary

A black hole crashes to Earth in Wisconsin unleashing a massive, carniverous spider that is soon on the rampage. A pair of NASA try to save the day before the creature destroys the whole town.


Directed by: Bill Rebane
© MCMLXXV [1975] Transcentury Pictures
A Cinema Group 75 film
Executive Producer: William W. Gillett Jr
Produced by: Bill Rebane & Richard L. Huff
Associate Producers: Jack Willoughby, Dick Plautz
Screenplay by: Richard L. Huff & Robert Easton
From an Original Story by: Richard L. Huff
Director of Cinematography: Jack Willoughby
Film Editor: Barbara Pokras
Sound Mixer: Steve Hunter
Wardrobe: Robin Brodie
Make Up: Tom Schwartz
Hairdresser: Sue Brodie
Special Effects: Richard Albain, Robert Millay
Set Designer: Ito [real name: Bill Rebane]
Locations: Gleason, Wisconsin, USA; Lincoln County, Wisconsin, USA; Merrill, Wisconsin, USA; Nicolett College, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, USA; University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA [all uncredited]

Steve Brodie (Dr [J.R.] Vance)
Barbara Hale (Dr Jenny Langer)
Alan Hale as the sheriff [Jeff Jones]
Robert Easton as [Dan] Kester
Leslie Parrish (Ev [Kester])
Christiana Schmidtmer (Helga)
Kevin Brodie ([Dave] Perkins)
Tain Bodkin (preacher)
Bill Williams (Dutch)
Dianne Lee Hart (Terry)
Paul Bentzen (Billy [Kester])
J. Stewart Taylor (deputy)
William W. Gillett ([Paul] Rider)

Alternative Titles

Angriff der Riesenspinne – Germany
Hämähäkkien hyökkäys – Finland
L'invasione dei ragni giganti – Italy
Inwazja olbrzymich pajaków – Poland
Jättiläishämähäkki – Finland

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Production Notes

In the UK, the film was shown at the Audley Theatre in London on 31 January 1977 for the purpose of registration with the Board of Trade under the terms of the 1960 Films Act.



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