Shadows (1975-1978)

UK, 3 September -1 November 1978
3 series, 20 episodes, average 25m
videotape, 16mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British horror television series produced by Thames Television. Twenty episodes were broadcast over three series on ITV.


An anthology of short horror stories aimed at children.


Regular Crew
Thames Television
Produced by: Ruth Boswell [series 1 and 2]; Pamela Lonsdale [series 3]
Script Editor: Ruth Boswell [series 1 and 2]


Series One
The Future Ghost (3 September 1975)
Written by: Roger Marshall
Directed by: Leon Thau
Designer: Harry Clark
Guest Cast: Bernadette McKenna (Bridget); Daphne Slater (Mrs Butler); Jane Wymark (Julia); John Nettleton (Mr Butler); Verna Harvey (Emma); Wayne Browne (telephone operator); Leslie Adams, Julian Hudson (firemen)
In 1875, a woman on a trip to become a nurse in London is haunted by mysterious voices that warn of impending disaster.

After School (10 September 1975)
Written by: Ewart Alexander
Directed by: Audrey Starrett
Designer: Colin Andrews
Guest Cast: Gareth Thomas (Benson); Rhys Powys (Poodle); Lyn Jones (Seth Jones)
During school detention, a group of Welsh children find themselves being stalked by a terrifying supernatural power.

The Witch's Bottle (17 September 1975)
Written by: Stewart Farrar
Directed by: Vic Hughes
Designer: Bill Palmer
Guest Cast: Wendy Gifford (Catherine Woodleigh); Neville Barber (Dr Mark Lancaster); Georgina Keen (Jill Lancaster); Jasper Jacob (Steve Lancaster)
When she visits her uncle's country cottage with her brother, teenager Jill discovers that she has strange powers and uses them to contact the spirit of a girl put to death by the notorious Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins.

The Waiting Room (24 September 1975)
Written by: Jon Watkins
Directed by: Stan Woodward
Designer: Jack Robinson
Guest Cast: Jenny Agutter (Sue); Paul Henley (Gerry); George Innes (the railwayman); Beth Harris (the passenger)
Young brother and sister Gerry and Sue miss their last train home and are forced to seek shelter in an old waiting room. But as the night wears on they meet a strange railwayman and a fellow passenger who aren't quite all they seem to be…

Optical Illusion (1 October 1975)
Written by: Tom Clarke
Directed by: Peter Webb
Designer: Rod Stratford
Guest Cast: Richard Willis (Phil); Susan Parriss (Karen); Pauline Quirke (Dawn); James Cossins (custodian); Walter McMonagle (Sir Philip Cotley)
Three teenagers from a children's home get more than they bargained for when they explore a secret passageway in an old country mansion.

Dutch Schlitz's Shoes (8 October 1975)
Written by: Trevor Preston
Directed by: Stan Woodward
Designer: Peter Le Page
Guest Cast: Russell Hunter (Mr Stabs); Kenneth Caswell (Luko); Barry Stanton (Dutch Schlitz); Gordon Gostelow (Sir Arthur Inchwood); John Abineri (Inspector Rumbold); George Waring (Mr Baxter); Ron Pember (Albert); Valentine Dyall (radio voice)
Evil magician Mr Stabs breaks into an old mansion in search of the powerful Glove of Mendoza. But when he puts on a pair of shoes once owned by the much-feared gangster Dutch Schlitz, he finds himself possessed by the dead man's spirit.

The Other Window (15 October 1975)
Written by: Jacquetta Hawkes and J.B. Priestley
Directed by: Darrol Blake
Designer: Tony Borer
Guest Cast: John Woodvine (father); Aimee Delamain (grandmother); Sophie Ward (Jan); Roy Jacobs (Mark); Gwyneth Strong (Elizabeth); Nigel Bradshaw; Mike Lee Lane; John Sarbutt; Julia Schofield
A man glazes a window with a special glass that allows allows him and his children to look into the past.

Series Two
The Dark Streets of Kimball's Green (28 July 1976)
Written by: Joan Aiken
Directed by: Stan Woodward
Designer: Alex MacIntyre
Guest Cast: Alex McCrindle (Mr Campbell); Barbara Keogh (Mrs Vaughan); Hannah Isaacson (Em); Joan Scott (social worker); Karen Archer (librarian); Pat Beckett (Mrs Bate); Andrew Paul (Colin Vaughan); Raymond Boal, Chris Burke, Tony London, Lanre Oduwole (the gang)
A young girl finds a release from her dreary life through the pages of a history book whose characters seem to come to life.

Time Out of Mind (4 August 1976)
Written by: Penelope Lively
Directed by: Audrey Starrett
Designer: Philip Blowers
Guest Cast: Carol Atkins (mum/mamma); Sally Lahee (Aunt Myra/governess); Neville Barber (dad/papa); Brenda Cowling (cook); Elaine Button (Liz/Eliza); Katrina Rose (Helen); Craig McFarlane (Nick)
A young girl finds herself transported unto a dolls house she sees in a museum where she works as a maid.

The Inheritance (11 August 1976)
Written by: Josephine Poole
Directed by: Peter Webb
Designer: David Richens
Guest Cast: John Barrett (Eli); Priscilla Morgan (Margaret); Dougal Rose (Martin); Mike Buchanan, Gary Downey, Bernard Jamieson, Les Meadows, Tommy Tucker (horn dancers)
A boy on the verge of finishing his education helps his grandfather to achieve his final ambition.

Dark Encounter (18 August 1976)
Written by: Susan Cooper
Directed by: Leon Thau
Designer: Colin Andrews
Guest Cast: Alex Scott (Jonathan Brent); Sheelagh Fraser (Mrs Gaydon); Brian Glover (Jim Debbitts); Hugh Morton (Dr Field); Margot Field (Annie Debbitts); Carolyn Courage (Mary Judd); Graham Kennedy (Johnnie)
A man revisits his childhood home and finds himself transported back in time to meet his younger self.

Peronik (25 August 1976)
Written by: Rosemary Harris
Directed by: Vic Hughes
Designer: Philip Blowers
Guest Cast: Paul Aston (Tom); Zelah Clarke (Grizelda); Ann Lynn (Carol); Tim Barrett (Rex); Norman Rossington (Mr Jones); Chris Cregan (Bruno)
An unhappy teenager finds himself living the life of an ancient legend who was similarly unhappy.

The Eye (1 September 1976)
Written by: Ewart Alexander
Directed by: Neville Green
Designer: John Plant
Guest Cast: John Sanderson (Steve); Julia Lewis (George); Murray Brown (dad)
Teenager Steve is terrified by strange sounds and visions that are haunting his house. His sister George is obsessed with an old Greek urn and his missing father seems to return in the guise of a mysterious figure clad in biker gear…

Series Three
Eleven O'Clock (20 September 1978)
Written by: Ewart Alexander
Directed by: Joe Boyer
Designer: George Lack
Guest Cast: Ronald Hines (Dad); Tina Heath (Linda); Anna Korwin (Madame); Stephen Galloway (Jacques)
A father and daughter have a terrifying supernatural encounter while on holiday in France.

The Rose of Puddle Fratrum (27 September 1978)
Written by: Joan Aiken
Directed by: Neville Green
Designer: David Marshall
Guest Cast: Christopher Lillicrap (Rod); Joan Greenwood (Rose); Bryan Pringle (Mr Donn); June Brown (Mrs Donn); Duncan Lamont (Mr Prout); Vicky Spencer (Tess); Noel Johnson (Fred); Miranda Fellows, Nikki Heard, David Hepburn (dancers)
A former ballerina, now maimed and unable to dance, puts a curse on her former dance company.

And Now for My Next Trick… (4 October 1978)
Written by: P.J. Hammond
Directed by: Michael Custance
Designer: Anthony Cartledge
Guest Cast: Clive Swift (Devine); Caroline Embling (Marion); Jacqueline Pearce (hostess); Maria Greco, Claire McLellan, Michele Pettipiere (children)
A stage conjuror specialising in children's parties finds himself unable to impress his increasingly cynical audiences. But then he apparently develops genuine magic powers and the tables are soon turned.

The Boy Merlin (11 October 1978)
Written by: Stewart Farrar
Directed by: Vic Hughes
Designer: Bill Palmer
Guest Cast: Donald Houston (Dafydd); Rachel Thomas (Myfanwy); Archie Tew (Octa); Margaret John (Blodwen); Cassandra Harris (Isema); Ian Rowlands (Merlin)
The childhood story of the famous wizard Merlin.

The Man Who Hated Children (18 October 1978)
Written by: Brian Patten
Directed by: Neville Green
Designer: David Marshall
Guest Cast: George A. Cooper (Higgs); Brian Wilde (Sliggs); Paul Watson (Willie); William Smoker (Tom); James Ottaway (Mason); Charles Morgan (chairman); Niall Padden (policeman)
A man who hates children hatches a plot to have all children under the age of nine put on leashes.

The Silver Apple (25 October 1978)
Written by: Roy Russell
From a Story by: Philip Glassborow
Directed by: Gabrielle Beaumont
Designer: David Ferris
Guest Cast: Peter Duncan (Felix); Prue Clarke (Iona); Simon Turner (Milton); Rachel Herbert (queen); George Claydon (dwarf); Brian Peck (pedlar); Olaf Pooley (wizard)
A beautiful young girl and twin princes team up to fight and evil wizard.

HoneyAnn (1 November 1978)
Written by: Fay Weldon
Directed by: Pamela Lonsdale
Designer: Norman Garwood
Guest Cast: Madge Ryan (nanny); Gwyneth Strong (HoneyAnn); Adrienne Posta (Candy); Jeanne Watts (Alice); George Waring (Harvey); Paul Angelis (Roddy); Joshua White (Saffrey); Julia Swift (neighbour); Timothy Stamp (baby)
Fans on a visit to a pop star's mansion find themselves caught up in a terrifying supernatural ordeal.



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