El buque maldito (1973)

85m (Spain – cut version), 89m (USA), 106m
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.85:1
mono, Spanish

A Spanish horror film directed by Amando de Ossorio.

Plot Summary

A pair of on a motor launch are lost at sea. The search party encounters a old sailing ship crewed by the zombie-like .


Directed by: Amando de Ossorio
Deposito Legal M-18.992-1973
© MCMLXXVI [1976] Independent-International Pictures Corp. [US prints – as Horror of the ]
Ancla Century Films presents
Produced by: J.L. Bermudez de Castro
Written by: Amando de Ossorio
Director of Photography: Raul Artigot
Editor: Petra de Nieva
Music: Anton Garcia Abril
Sound: Cinearte S.A.
Costumes: Dolores Marquerie
Make-up: Carlos Paradela
Hair Dresser: Consuelo Zahonero
Special Effects: Pablo Perez
Optical Effects: J. Santines
Set Design: E. Torre de la Fuente, Lega-Michelena
Studios: Ballesteros
Exteriors & Interiors Filmed in Madrid and Alicante

Maria Perschy (Lillian)
Jack Taylor (Howard Tucker)
Barbara Rey (Noemi)
Carlos Lemos (Professor Grüber)
Manuel de Blas (Sergio)
Blanca Estrada (Kathy)
Margarita Merino [Lorena Kay – uncredited]

Cast Gallery

Alternative Titles

Das Geisterschiff der reitenden Leichen – West Germany
Das Geisterschiff der schwimmenden Leichen – West Germany (video)
The Ghost Galleon – USA
Ghost of the
Horror of the Zombies
La nave maledetta
– Italy

Sequel to
La noche del terror ciego (1971)
El ataque de los muertos sin ojos (1973)

La noche de las gaviotas (1975)

Extracts included in
Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell (1987)


Besa in Variety called it a “briskly-made Grade B exploitationer which provides the right number of chills and deaths demanded by non-sophisticates. Within the genre, item is well filmed, blending all the usual gory ingredients of mayhem, terror, pretty girls and violence.” 1Variety 25 September 1974 p.16 2



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