Shadows and Fog (1991)

85m, 7694 feet
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
Dolby, English

An American comedy fantasy film directed by Woody Allen.

Plot Summary

A travelling circus arrives in a small town in Europe when gangs of vigilantes are hunting a serial strangler.


Directed by: Woody Allen
© 1991 Orion Pictures Corp.
An Orion Pictures release A Jack Rollins and Charles H. Jaffe production
Executive Producers: Jack Rollins, Charles H. Joffe
Produced by: Robert Greenhut
Co-producers: Helen Robin, Joseph Hartwick
Associate Producer: Thomas Reilly
Written by: Woody Allen
Director of Photography: Carlo Di Palma
Editor: Susan E. Morse
Production Sound Mixer: James Sabat
Costume Designer: Jeffrey Kurland
Make-up Artist: Bernadette Mazur
Hairstylist: Romaine Greene
Production Designer: Santo Loquasto

Woody Allen (Max Kleinman)
Kathy Bates (prostitute)
John Cusack (Student Jack)
Mia Farrow (Irmy)
Jodie Foster (Dorry, prostitute)
Fred Gwynne (Hacker's follower)
Julie Kavner (Alma)
Madonna (Marie)
John Malkovich (Paul, clown)
Kenneth Mars (Almstead, magician)
Kate Nelligan (Eve)
Donald Pleasence (doctor)
Lily Tomlin (prostitute)
Philip Bosco (Mr Paulsen)
Robert Joy (Spiro's assistant)
Wallace Shawn (Simon Carr)
Kurtwood Smith (Vogel's follower)
Josef Sommer (priest)
David Ogden Stiers (Hacker)
Michael Kirby (killer)

Alternative Titles

Árnyak és köd – Hungary
Cienie i mgla – Poland
Neblina e Sombras – Brazil
Ombre e nebbia – Italy
Ombres et brouillard – France
Ombres i boira – Spain (Catalan)
Schatten und Nebel – Austria, Germany
Senke i magla – Serbia
Šešelis ir rukas – Lithuania
Skuggor och dimma – Sweden
Skygger og tåge – Denmark
Skygger og tåke – Norway
Sombras e Nevoeiro – Portugal
Sombras y niebla – Chile, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Uruguay
Sombras y nieblas
– Argentina
Stíny a mlha
– Czechoslovakia
Tiene a hmla
– Czechoslovakia (Slovak)
Varjoja ja sumua
– Finland
Σκιές και ομίχλη
– Greece
Сенки и мъгла
– Bulgaria
Тени и туман
– Russia



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