Space Oddity (1982)

UK, 29 April 1982-10 June 1982
1 series, 6 episodes, average 30m
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British comedy science fiction television series written by Martin Lynch and directed by Bill Miskelly.

Plot Summary

A pair of alien visitors arrive in Belfast and befriend locals Travelling McCann, Arthur and Sinead.


Directed by: Bill Miskelly
BBC Northern Ireland
Produced by: Bill Miskelly
Written by: Martin Lynch
Musical Director: John Anderson
Songs Performed by: Anne Williamson

Justin Duff (Traveller McCann)
Derek Halligan (Arthur)
Sarah Jones (Sinead)
Ian McElhinney (space man)
Libby Smith (space woman/Rosie)


29 April 1982
Work (6 May 1982)
13 May 1982
Living Capsules (20 May 1982)
Earthwoman (3 June 1982) [postponed from 27 May 1982)
10 June 1982


Belfast Telegraph 1 May 1982
[A] rewarding television debut from the Belfast writer Martin Lynch which has a combination of music, a sense of the absurd and some bitter humour, and in which two space travellers speaking in Dalek voices think they have landed on somewhere called Norn Irn. The most interesting actor in it is Justin Duff who has the comic potential to become a sort of Ulster Roy Kinnear if he is not careful and doesn’t watch his weight. – Keith Baker



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