The Canterville Ghost (1986)

UK, USA, 28 September
colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British/American fantasy television programme directed by Paul Bogart.

Plot Summary

A young American couple inherits an old English castle and find that it's haunted by the ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville, cursed by his own cowardice. But if he can get a descendant to act as a hero, he will be free from the curse…


Director: Paul Bogart
Inter/Hemisphere Productions, Columbia Pictures Television, HTV, Poundridge Productions
Executive Producers: Irwin Meyer, Patrick Dromgoole, Rodney Sheldon
Supervising Producer: Patrick Dromgoole
Producer: Peter Graham Scott
Script: Sue Grafton, Steve Humphrey, George Zateslo
Story: Oscar Wilde
Director of Photography: Bob Edwards
Editor: Terry Maisey
Music: Howard Blake
Sound Mixer: Mike Davey
Special Effects: Effects Associates Ltd, Ricky Farns, Ted Grumbt, Garth Inns
Production Designer: John Biggs

John Gielgud (Sir Simon de Canterville)
Ted Wass (Harry Canterville)
Andrea Marcovicci (Lucy Canterville)
Alyssa Milano (Jennifer Canterville)
Jeff Harding (Earl)
Lila Kaye (Mrs Umney)
Harold Innocent (Hummle Umney)
George Baker (Uncle Hesketh)
Dorothea Phillips (Aunt Gretchen)
Bill Wallis (Fenton Cook)
Spencer Chandler (Paul Blaine)
Brian Oulton (Uncle George)
Deddie Davies (Aunt Caroline)
Celia Breckon (Lady Eleanor)

Alternative Titles

Cantervillen kummitus – Finland
El fantasma de Canterville – Venezuela
O Fantasma de Canterville – Brazil
Das Gespenst von Canterville – West Germany
Spöket på Canterville – Sweden



  • Broadcast 4 October 1985 p.4 – note (HTV in £3m US project by Basil Comely)
  • Variety 15 October 1986 p.166 – credits, review (by Tone)