The Stand (1994)

USA, 8 May -12 May 1994
1 series, 4 episodes, average 120m
colour, 4:3
Dolby, English

An American science fiction/horror television mini-series based on the novel by Stephen King and directed by Mick Garris.

Plot Summary

A lethal virus created in a military lab is accidentally released and devastates the world. In North America, The survivors split into two camps defined by shared , one side drawn to Mother Abigail and the other drawn to Las Vegas where incarnate, Randall Flagg, is waiting. From their base in Boulder, Colorado, Mother Abigail and her followers prepare for one final stand against the forces of evil.


Director: Mick Garris
Greengrass Productions, Laurel Entertainment Inc
Executive Producers: Richard P. Rubinstein, Stephen King
Supervising Producer: Peter McIntosh
Producer: Mitchell Galin
Associate Producer: Michael Gornick
Script/Novel: Stephen King
Director of Photography: Edward Pei
Editor: Pat McMahon
Music: W.G. “Snuffy” Walden
Sound Mixer: Rick Schexnayder
Costume Designer: Linda Matheson
Make-up: Ashley Petersen
Key Hair: Tena Parker-Liddiard
Special Make-up Effects: Steve Johnson's X.F.X. Inc
Special Effects Coordinator: Lou Carlucci
Production Designer: Nelson Coates

Gary Sinise (Stu Redman)
Molly Ringwald (Frannie Goldsmith)
Jamey Sheridan (Randall Flagg)
Laura San Giacomo (Nadine Cross)
Ruby Dee (Mother Abigail Freemantle)
Ossie Davis (Judge Richard Farris)
Miguel Ferrer (Lloyd Henreid)
Corin Nemec (Harold Lauder)
Matt Frewer (Trashcan Man)
Adam Storke (Larry Underwood)
Ray Walston (Glen Bateman)
Rob Lowe (Nick Andros)
Bill Fagerbakke (Tom Cullen)
Peter Van Norden (Ralph Brentner)
Rick Aviles (Rat Man)
Max Wright (Dr Herbert Denninger)
Ray McKinnon (Charlie Campion)
Bridgit Ryan (Lucy Swann)
Kellie Overbey (Dayna Jurgens)
Patrick Kilpatrick (Ray Booth)


The Plague (8 May 1994)
The Dreams (9 May 1994)
The Betrayal (11 May 1994)
The Stand (12 May 1994)

Alternative Titles

Apocalipsis – Spanish video title
Le Fléau – French title
L'ombra dello scorpione – Italian title
Pestens tid – Swedish title
Stephen Kings The Stand – Das letzte Gefecht – German title
Stephen King's The Stand
Tukikohta – Finnish title
El virus asesino – Venezuelan title
O Vírus Assassino – Portugese title

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