Femalien (1996)

USA, 1996
DX Stereo, English

An American science fiction film directed by Sybil Richards.

Plot Summary

A female alien arrives on Earth on a mission to explore human sexuality. She adopts the name Kara and, when not observing various couplings, gets involved with a young couple who are trying to save their diner from being bought out by an unscrupulous businessman. Eventually she stops observing and starts having sexual encounters of her own.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Sybil Richards
© 1996 Surrender Cinema Inc.
Surrender Cinema presents
Executive Producer: Pat Siciliano
Producer: Pat Siliciano *
Screenplay by: Sybil Richards
Story by: Randy Fontana
Director of Photography: Allen Smitty
Edited by: Barry Byrne
Music Composed by: Ollie Wood
Sound Mixer: John Halaby
Costume Designer: Roxanne Miller
Key Make Up: Shutchai ‘Tym’ Buacharern
Computer Graphics: Howley Smoot
Production Designer: Karissa Chambers

Jacqueline Lovell (Sun)
Matt Shue (Drew)
Kurt Schwoebel (M.J)
Venesa Talor (Kara)
Dolore St Clair (Gina, meditation woman)
Michelle Barry (girl cop, theatre woman)
Jean Carlos de Vasquez (Frank)
Kathleen Mazzotta (Jean)
Carlos San Miguel (Harry)
Holly Cat (Celeste)
Everett J. Rodd (Paul)
Leigh Matchett (Debra)
Bobbie Marie (girl toy, meditation woman)
Rob Lee (boy cop)
Summer Leigh (wheel girl)
Stu Gotz ([voice of] Dak)
Stevi Conrad (Angel)
Roxanne Miller (rub down attendant)
Stephanie Hudson (Danielle)
Skylar Nicholson (theatre woman, meditation woman)
Bobby Young, Bobby Johnston, Adam Wilde (theatre men, meditation men)
Laura Eastman [orange lady] *

Femalien 2 (1998)

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