Sssssss (1973)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Bernard L. Kowalski.

Plot Summary

Dr Stoner is conducting experiments on , creating a serum that can transform men into King Cobras.


Directed by: Bernard L. Kowalski
© MCMLXXIII [1973] by Universal Pictures
A Universal picture
Executive Producers: Richard D. Zanuck/David Brown
Produced by: Dan Striepeke
Associate Producer: Robert Butner
Screenplay by: Hal Dresner
Story by: Dan Striepeke
Director of Photography: Gerald Perry Finnerman
Film Editor: Robert Watts
Music by: Pat Williams
Sound: Waldon O. Watson and Melvin Metcalfe Sr
Creative Make-up Design by: John Chambers & Nick Marcellino
Art Director: John T. McCormack

Strother Martin (Dr Stoner)
Dirk Benedict (David)
Heather Menzies (Kristine)
Richard B. Shull (Daniels)
Tim O'Connor (Kogen)
Jack Ging (sheriff)
Kathleen King (Kitty)
Reb Brown (Steve Randall)
Ted Grossman (deputy)
Charles Seel (old man)
Ray Ballard (waggish tourist)
Brendan Burns (jock #1)
Rick Beckner (jock #2)
James Drum (hawker #1)
Ed McCready (hawker #2)
Frank Kowalski (hawker #3)
Ralph Montgomery (hawker #4)
Michael Masters (hawker #5)
Charlie Fox (Arvin Ley Doux)
Felix Silla (seal boy)

Alternative Titles

I cobra – Greek title
Le cobra – French Canadian title
Cobras Venenosas – Portuguese title
Hissssss – alternative title
O Homem-Cobra – Brazilian title
Kobra – Italian title
Kungskobran – Swedish title
Slangemanden – Danish title
Ssssilbido de muerte – Spanish title
SSSSKobra – Finnish title
SSSSKobran – Swedish Finnish title
SSSSnake le cobra – French advertising title
Ssssnake – Finnish DVD, Swedish title
SSSSnake – French, British, alternative title
Sssssnake Kobra – German, West German title
Wazzzz – Polish title
З-з-з-змия – Bulgarian title
Ссссссс – Russian title
怪奇!吸血人間スネーク – Japanese title

Extracts included in
Coming Soon (1982)



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