Alien Force (1996)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Ron Ford.

Plot Summary

The of millions of alien predators are trapped inside a meteor that crashes to Earth. A warrior is sent to recapture them before an evil alien can find the meteor, release the predators and conquer the Earth.


Director: Ron Ford
Executive Producer: Albert Gordon
Producers: Ron Ford, Mark J. Gordon
Co-Producer: Paula Pointer-Ford
Script: Ron Ford
Director of Photography: Clarke Jordan
Editor: Martin Heyman
Sound Recordist: Miles Bunell
Make-up: Wendy Wixon

Tyrone Wade (Trace)
Roxanne Coyne (Sandy)
Burt Ward (Omnipresent Praxima)
Michael Wayne (Jack Vincent)
Valerie Belardinelli (Dana Harley)
Jane Mun (Diane)
Mark Sawyer (Gorek/Manny Beryl)
Don Pearlman (Milton O'Doul)
JoAnna Jocelyn (Joyce O'Doul)
Marlene Rasnick (Dr Winifred Perry)
Randal Malone (Raleigh)
Ron Ford (Troy Charles)
Tim Sullivan (Fred/jaywalker/Gorek Foo)
Tim Murphy (Ray)
J.T. Pontino (Rondo)
Lee Boek (Slick)
Gregory Freeman (Bullet)
Thomas Porter (Blackee)
Phil Aslaksen (Sticks)
Jon Trapnell (Crossbones)