The Outing (1987)

USA, 1987
Dolby Stereo, English

An American horror film directed by Tom Daley.

Plot Summary

Thieves accidentally release an ancient genie from its lamp which is then sent to a museum. There, the curator’s daughter is possessed by the genie and invites a group of her friends to spend the night at the museum so that the genie can kill them all off…


Director: Tom Daley
H.I.T. Films
Executive Producer: Fred T. Kuehnert, M.N. Sanousi
Producer: Warren Chaney
Associate Producer: Deborah Winters
Script: Warren Chaney
Director of Photography: Herbert Raditschnig
Editor: Claudio Cutry
Music: Joel Rosenbaum, Bruce Miller
Sound Mixer: Tim Himes
Costume Designer: Rona Lamont
Make Up/Hair: Ron Clark, Rick Jones
Special Effects Make Up Coordinator: Chris Swift
Special Photographic Effects: Technomagic Film Effects
Special Visual Consultant: Raymond Fielding
Production Designer: Robert Burns
Studio: Texas Film Stage, Texas, USA
Casting: D.W. Chaney

Deborah Winters (Eve Ferrell/young Arab woman/old Arab woman)
James Huston (Dr Al Wallace)
Andra St Ivanyi (Alex Wallace)
Scott Bankston (Ted Pinson)
Mark Mitchell (Mike Daley)
Andre Chimene (Tony Greco)
Damon Merrill (Babs)
Barry Coffing (Ross)
Tracye Walker (Gwen)
Raan Lewis (Terry)
Hank Amigo (Harley)
Brian Floores (Max)
Michelle Watkins (Faylene)
Danny D . Daniels (Dr Theo Bressling)
Roy Alan Wilson (Guard Bob)
Coy Sevier (Guard Jeff)
Christopher Wycliff (school principal)
Blue Deckert (Detective Adams)
Warren Chaney (Detective Charles)
Beverley Wilson-Wilson (Beverly)

Alternative Titles

The Lamp – UK video title



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