CBS Children’s Mystery Theatre: The Haunting of Harrington House (1981)

USA, 8 September
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English
CBS Children's Mystery Theatre (1980-1982) – season 2, episode 1

An American horror television episode directed by Murray Golden.

Plot Summary

A young woman finds that her camera can capture images of the haunting her house.


Directed by: Murray Golden
Produced by: Diane Asselin, Paul Asselin
Written by: Chris Manheim
Director of Photography: Erik Daarstad
Editor: Barbara Pokras
Music by: Don Heckman
Sound: Michael Denecke
Make-up: Christy Newquist
Art Director: Jeremy Railton
Casting: Pat Mock

Dominique Dunne (Polly Ames)
Roscoe Lee Browne (Diogenes ‘D.C.' Chase)
Edie Adams (Madame Zenia)
Phil Leeds (Uncle Max)
Vito Scotti (Marco Roselli)
James T. Callahan (Walter Ames)
Dolores Albin
Mary Betten (Mrs Jessel)
Rena Craig
Dean Dittman (first man)
Marie Earle (Miss Birdie)
Michael Goldfinger (cab driver)
Al Secunda (second man)