Encounter with the Unknown (1972)

35mm film, colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Harry Thomason.


An anthology of supposedly true stories. Three college students play a prank on a classmate that goes horribly wrong and are cursed by his mother; a man investigates a strange sound from a hole in the ground; a senator returning home from a party finds a young girl on a bridge and when he ties to return her to her family learns that she died many years earlier.


Directed by: Harry Thomason
© [not given on screen]
Centronics International presents
Produced by: Joe Glass
Written by: Harry Thomason, Joe Glass, Jack Anderson, Hillman Taylor
Directors of Photography: Michael C. Varner, Jeff Kimball
Cinematography: Jim Roberson, Charles Thuston
Editorial: Erwin Cadden, Jerry Carraway, Brian Hooper
Sound: Ron Roberson, Gary Abbott
Make-up: Jackie Barnes
Sets: Vernon William, Ed Hogan, Carol Bean

Rod Serling (narrated by)
Bob Ginnaven (Father Duane)
Gary Brockette (Frank Cameron)
John Leslie (Randy Powell)
Tom Haywood (Dave Terrell)
Fran Franklin (Mrs Davis)
Jim Harrell (Brother Taylor)
John Cissne (Johnny Davis)
Mary Jane Wilson (Mrs Wilson)
Lyle Armstrong (second priest)
Charles Rumph (student)
Kevin Bieberly (Jess)
Annabelle Weenick (mother)
Robert Holton (Joe)
Frank Schaefer (barber)
Ken Carson (doctor)
Bob Glenn (constable)
David Haney (first man)
Billy Thurman (second man)
Syl Schumann (third man)



  • Nightmare USA by Stephen Thrower pp.448-449; 516 – illustrated credits, review; note