The Other (1972)

colour by DeLuxe
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Robert Mulligan.

Plot Summary

1935: 9-year-old Niles and Holland Perry live with their family on a farm in Connecticut and seem to be perfectly happy and normal. But their grandmother has taught them how to play “the game” and when a series of accidents start killing people around the family, Niles begins to suspect that Holland may be the culprit…


Director: Robert Mulligan
Twentieth Century Fox, Benchmark, Rem
Executive Producer: Tom Tryon
Producer: Robert Mulligan
Associate Producer: Don Kranze
Script/Novel: Tom Tryon
Assistant Directors: Don Kranze, Mark Sandrich, Bert Gold
Director of Photography: Robert L. Surtees
Editors: Folmar Blangsted, O. Nicholas Brown
Lab: DeLuxe
Music: Jerry Goldsmith
Orchestrator: Arthur Morton
Sound: Jack Solomon, Don Bassman
Western Electric Sound System
Costumers: Tommy Welsh, Joanne Haas
Make Up: Joe DiBella
Hair: Dorothy White
Production Designer: Albert Brenner
Assistant Art Director: Ward Preston
Set Decorator: Ruby Levitt
Locations: Murphys, California, USA

Uta Hagen (Ada)
Diana Muldaur (Alexandra)
Chris Udvarnoky (Niles Perry)
Martin Udvarnoky (Holland Perry)
Norma Connolly (Aunt Vee)
Victor French (Mr Angelini)
Loretta Leversee (Winnie)
Lou Frizzell (Uncle George)
Portia Nelson (Mrs Rowe)
Jenny Sullivan (Torrie)
John Ritter (Rider)
Jack Collins (Mr P.C. Pretty)
Ed Bakey (Chan-yu)
Clarence Crow (Russell)

Alternative Titles

Den Andre – Swedish title
L'autre – French title
Chi È l'altro? – Italian title
Kalman sormi – Finnish title
El otro – Spanish/Mexican title
O Outro – Portugese title

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