Nightfall (1988)

35mm film, colour
stereo, English

An American science fiction film directed by Paul Mayersberg.

Plot Summary

On a planet that circles six suns, the inhabitants have never known anything but daylight. Scientists realise that roughly every 2000 years, civilisation on the planet collapses and that the current 2000 cycle is almost up. They determine that ever 2000 years moon, invisible in the glare of the suns, eclipses the one sun that remains in the sky and plunges the planet into darkness, revealing stars that no-one has ever seen before and driving the inhabitants insane.


Directed by: Paul Mayersberg
New Horizons
Produced by: Julie Corman
Associate Producer: Lynn Whitney
Written by: Paul Mayersberg
Based on the Short Story by: Isaac Asimov
Director of Photography: Dariusz Wolski
Editor: Brent A. Schoenfeld
Music by: Frank Serafine
Sound: Craig Felburg
Costume Designer: Stephen M. Chudej
Visual Effects Consultant: Chuck Comisky
Production Designer: Craig Hodgetts
Casting by: Al Guarino

David Birney (Aton)
Sarah Douglas (Roa)
Alexis Kanner (Sor)
Andra Millian (Ana)
Starr Andreeff (Bet)
Charles Hayward (Kin)
Jonathan Emerson (architect)
Susie Lindeman (boffin)
Russell Wiggins (Zol)
Larry Hankin (desert king)
Ronald R. Burns, Bernard J. Garsen (Aton's men)
Dan Wells (architect's assistant)
Bradley Reid (trader)
Stephen D. Nathenson (city dweller)
James Barry Blakely (narrator)
Lee Michael Walczuk, Dayna Beilenson, Attila Bokor, Charles E. Carpenter, Beth A. Corell, Derek Penfield, Ilene Cara Zeff (nomad dancers)
Larry Bartels, Frederick Keeve (cult members)

Alternative Titles

Black Nightfall – West German title
I mera tis krisis – Greek video title
La muerte de los soles – Spanish title
Nastanie nocy – Polish title
Planeta Infernal – Brazilian title
Sötétedés – Hungarian title
Сумерки – Russian title

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