The Phantom of the Opera (1925)

USA, 1924
92m [1995 version], 93m [1929 version], 107m [1925 version]
2579.83 metres, 10 reels
35mm film, black and white, 2-strip Technicolor, computer colourized version also available, 1.33:1
silent, English [intertitles]

An American horror film directed by Rupert Julian with additional, uncredited, direction by Lon Chaney and Edward Sedgwick.

Plot Summary

Parisienne singer Carlotta is forced to give up her role as Marguerite in Faust by a mysterious masked phantom and is replaced by her understudy Christine Daae. The phantom is obsessed with Christine and lures her into his lair in the beneath the opera house…


* = uncredited

Directed by: Rupert Julian
Copyright MCMXXV [1925] by Universal Pictures Corp Carl Laemmle, president
Carl Laemmle presents a Universal production
Producer: Carl Laemmle *
Scenario: Frank M. McCormack *
Adaptation: Elliott J. Clawson *, Raymond L. Schrock *
From the celebrated novel [Le fantôme de l'opera] by Gaston Leroux
Supplementary Directors: Lon Chaney *, Edward Sedgwick *
Directors of Photography: Milton Bridenbecker *, Virgil Miller *, Charles Van Enger *
Editors: Maurice Pivar *, Gilmore Walker *
Music For 1925 Release: Gustav Hinrichs *
Music For 1929 Release: Sam Perry *
Additional Music For 1929 Release: David Broekman *, William Schiller *
Stock Music For 1929 Release: Arthur Jentsch *, Domenico Savino *
Music For 1990 Release: Rick Wakeman *
Music For 1993 Release: Roy Budd *
Music For 1995 Release: Gabriel Thibaudoux *
Music For 1996 Release: Carl Davis *
Operatic Solo For 1995 Release: Claudine Cote *
Make Up: Lon Chaney *
Titles: Tom Reed *
Art Directors: Charles D. Hall *, E.E. Sheeley *
Consulting Artist: Ben Carré *
Technical Director: A.H. Hall *
Special Thanks: Kevin Phelan (FilmTel supervisor) [credited on 1999 restoration]

Lon Chaney (the phantom [Erik])
Mary Philbin (Christine Daae)
Norman Kerry (Vicomte Raoul de Chagny)
Arthur Edmund Carewe (Ledoux)
Gibson Gowland (Simon Buquet)
John Sainpolis (Comte Philip de Chagny)
Snitz Edwards (Florine Papillon)
Mary Fabian (Carlotta in re-edited 1929 version)
Virginia Pearson (Carlotta/Carlotta's Mother in re-edited 1929 version)
Olive Ann Alcorn [la Sorelli] *
Alexander Bevani [Mephistopheles] *
Edward Cecil [Faust] *
Chester Conklin [orderly] *
Bruce Covington [M. Moncharmin] *
Ward Crane [Count Ruboff] *
George Davis [guard at Christine's door] *
Cesare Gravina [manager] *
Carla Laemmle [prima ballerina] *
D'Arcy Corrigan [man with lantern] *
Edward Martindel [Comte Philip de Chagny – in re-edited 1929 version] *
Grace Marvin [Martha] *
John Miljan [Valentin] *
Bernard Siegel [Joseph Buquet] *
William Tyroler [director of opera orchestra] *
Anton Vaverka [prompter] *
George B. Williams [M. Ricard] *
Edith Yorke [Mama Valerius] *

Alternative Titles

O Fantasma da Ópera – Portugal
El fantasma de la ópera – Spain
Il fantasma dell'opera – Italy
Fantomen på stora operan – Sweden
Phantom der Oper – Germany
Das Phantom der Oper – Austria

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