Robots (1988)

USA, Canada,
videotape, colour

An American video film directed by Doug Smith and Kim Takal. It forms part of a videotape game based on the robot stories by Isaac Asimov.

Plot Summary

A cop and his android partner set out to find the attempted murderer of a scientist and prevent a war between Earth and its space colonies.


Directed by: Doug Smith, Kim Takal
Eastman Kodak Company
Executive Producers: Robert S. Faubel, Seth Godin
Produced by: Kate Eisemann
Written by: Peter Olatka
Based on Novels by: Isaac Asimov
Editors: Doug Smith, Kim Takal
Music by: Doug Smith
Costume Designer: JoAnne Sockle
Production Designer: Gae S. Buckley

Valarie Pettiford (newscaster)
Stephen Rowe (Elijah Baley)
Richard Levine (R. Sammy)
Larry Block (Julius Enderby)
Brent Barrett (R. Daneel Olivaw)
John Henry Cox (Han Fastolfe/R. Han)
Eric Tull (R. Giskard/R. Borgraf)
George Merritt (Amadiro, Kelden)
Darrie Lawrence (Sophia Quintana)
Debra Jo Rupp (R. Jane)
Eleni Kelakos (Vasilia Fastolfe)
Alvin Alexis, Stephanie Butler, Óscar Castillo, Linda Murrell, Linda Froehlich [real name: Linda Santavicca] ( officers)

Alternative Titles

Isaac Asimov's