Teach 109 (1989)

USA, 1989
colour, 4:3
mono, English

A short American science fiction television film directed by Richard Kletter.

Plot Summary

In the near future, surgeons practice on realistic humanoid androids. Dr Garrett is callous and unfeeling towards the test subjects – until she meets Teach 109.


Directed by: Richard Kletter
Chanticleer Films
Executive Producers: Steve Anderson, Jonathan Sanger
Produced by: Guy J. Louthan, Jana Sue Memel
Co-producer: Mary K. Perko
Line Producer: Sylvia White
Associate Producer: Hillary Anne Ripps
Written by: Richard Kletter
Based on the Short Story by: Isaac Asimov
Director of Photography: Lisa Rinzler
Editor: Debra C. Neil
Music by: William Patrick Olvis
Costume Designer: Lisa Cacavas
Production Designer: Richard Hoover
Casting by: Nancy Nayor

Lee Arenberg (instructor)
Hart Bochner (Dr Bonner)
Ron Campbell (Fielder)
Annabelle Gurwitch (nurse)
James Earl Jones (Dr Winston)
Tuesday Knight (technician)
John Cameron Mitchell (1st android)
Jason Patric (Teach 109)
Elizabeth Perkins (Dr Garrett)

Alternative Titles

Feeling 109

The Android Affair (1995)