Biohazard (1984)

35mm film, colour
mono, English


An American science fiction/horror film directed by Fred Olen Ray.

Plot Summary

An experiment using a psychic brings an alien container to Earth. The creature inside it escapes and goes on the rampage, pursued by the psychic and a investigator.


Directed by: Fred Olen Ray
Copyright MCDDDCXXXIV [sic] by Fred Olen Ray
21st Century presents a Viking Films International production. A Fred Olen Ray film
Executive Producers: Art Schweitzer, T.L. Lankford
Produced by: Fred Olen Ray
Written by: Fred Olen Ray
Directors of Photography: Paul Elliott, John McCoy
Edited by: Miriam L. Preissel and Jack Tucker
Musical Score by: Eric Rasmussen and Drew Neumann
Special Effects Makeup by: Jon McCallum
Additional Makeup: Mark Buckmaster, Bart J. Mixon, Joe Reader, Wendy Hogan
Bio-Monster Suit Created by: Kenneth J. Hall
Special Effects Animation and Main Title by: Bret Mixon

Aldo Ray (General Randolph)
Angelique Pettyjohn (Lisa Martyn)
William Fair (Mitchell Carter)
Frank McDonald (Mike Hodgson)
David Pearson [real name: David O'Hara] (Reiger)
Christopher Ray as the bio-monster
Arthur Payton (Dr Williams)
Charles Roth (Jack Murphy)
Carroll Borland (Rula Murphy)
Richard Hench (Roger)
Loren Crabtree (Jenny)
George Randall (dumpster man)
Brad Arrington (Chambers)
Ray Lawrence (Mayfield)
Robert King (Sheriff Miller)
Mike Bonavia (Decker)
Robin Schurtz (Richard)
Michael Bober (Jimmy)
Bret Miller (Cliff)
Steve Welles (Walker)

Alternative Titles

Experimento secreto – Spain
Monster aus der Galaxis – West Germany
Vale da Morte – Brazil

Biohazard: The Alien Force (1995)

Production Notes

Continuity errors
Near the beginning of the film the boom mic is visible in shot – look at the top right of the image below:

This is possibly due to the video version being “unmasked”, accidentally revealing more information at the top and bottom of the screen than was intended.



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