Breeders (1998)

UK, 1997
Dolby Digital, English

A British science fiction/horror film directed by Paul Matthews.

Plot Summary

A meteorite falls to Earth in the grounds of a college in Boston. It contains an alien creature that survives the crash and escapes, desperate to mate and reproduce. And it’s found its way to a girls dormitory…


Director: Paul Matthews
Sianel Pedwar Cymru, Tanmarsh Communications Ltd, Peakviewing Productions
Executive Producer: Robert Baruc
Producer: Elizabeth Matthews
Co-Producer: Gareth Rowlands
Associate Producers: Janet Blandford, Veronica Russell
Script: Paul Matthews
Director of Photography: Peter Thornton
Supervising Editor: Peter H Matthews
Composers: Ben Heneghan, Ian Lawson
Sound Mixer: Paul Sharkey
Costume Designer: Ffion Elinor
Make-Up and Hair Designer: Joanne Fryer
Special Effects: Lightforce Special Effects
Alien Design and Made by: Gorton and Painter FX
Titles and Special Digital Effects: amgFX
Production Designer: Edward Thomas
Locations: Douglas, Isle of Man; King Williams College, Isle of Man; Jurby Airfield, Isle of Man

Todd Jensen (Ashley)
Samantha Janus (Louise)
Oliver Tobias (Moore)
Kadamba Simmons (space girl)
Nigel Harrison (Horace)
Clifton Lloyd-Bryan (alien)
Melanie Walters (Roper)
Katy Lawrence (Myra)
Richard Harrington (Jack)
Robert Gwyn Davin (Staines)
Geraint Morgan (Poole)
Graham Anderson (Taylor)
John Danks (police sergeant)
Amanda Prothero-Thomas (Styles)
David Artus (Talbot)
Paul Moulton (Archer)
Phil Bird (Riley)
Paul Barker (Grey)
Ian Parkinson (policeman)
Wendy Cooper (mutant leader)
Laura Howland, Martina McAnee, Victoria Kearsley, Sarah Callow, Debbie Down, Katie Monroe, Miranda Hall, Linsey Tickell, Helena Osbourne (mutants)

Alternative Titles

Deadly Instincts – alternative title
Grim II – pre-production title
Grim II: Grimmer – pre-production title
Grim II: Carrion – pre-production title
Rampage – shooting title

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