Splatter University (1984)

USA, 1984
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Richard W. Haines.

Plot Summary

An escaped psychiatric patient murders staff and students at a university.


Directed by: Richard W. Haines
© MCMLXXXIIII [sic] [1984] Richard W. Haines Productions Inc.
Richard W. Haines and John Michaels present a Richard W. Haines film
Produced by: Richard W. Haines & John Michaels
Associate Producer: Miljan Peter Ilich
Story and Screenplay by: Richard W. Haines, John Michaels, Michael Cunningham
Contributing Screenwriter: Miljan Peter Ilich
Directors of Photography: Fred Cohen & Jim Grib
Edited by: Richard W. Haines
Music by: Chris Burke
Sound by: Nicholas Delia
Wardrobe & Costumes: Evangeline Michaels
Special Make-up and Effects by: Amodio Giordano
Additional Make-up and Effects by: Ralph Cordero
Art Director: Jim Martin
Creative Consultants: Dan Lowenthal, Lloyd Kaufman
Production Consutant: Ray Sundlin

Francine Forbes (Julie Parker)
Ric Randig (Mark Hammond)
Dick Biel (Father Janson)
Suzy Collins 1Suzy Collins is credited in the opening titles but not in the end credits. Laura Gold is given prominent billing in the end crawl but not listed at the start of the film. It’s possible that they are the same person (one of the names being a pseudonym) or that Collins left the film and was replaced but the credits weren’t amended to reflect this
Kathy Lacommare [credited as Cathy Lacommare in the end credits] (Cathy Hunter)
Sal Lumetta (Wolf)
Ken Gerson (Tom Scavelli)
Noel Stilphen (Margaret)
Clifford Warren (classroom wise guy)
Jane Reibel [credited as Jane Doniger Reibel in the end credits] (Mrs Hunter)
Mary Ellen David (Mrs Bloom)
George Seminara (Tony)
John Michaels (John)
Jim Martin (Jimbo)
Joanna Mihalakis (Doreen)
Don Eaton (Father Williams)
Don Costello (looney)
Charles Brukardt (Dr Howard)
Gloria Cooper (Dr Fine)
Denise Texera (Denise)
Laura Gold (Cynthia)

Production Notes

The bulk of the film – around 65 minutes – was shot in 1981 with extra footage shot in 1982 and 1983 to bring it up to feature length.

The US 1-sheet poster features the actress Elizabeth Kaitan who doesn’t appear in the film. It also carried a quote (“The most terrifying film of the year!”) attributed to Rick Sullivan, editor of the fanzine Gore Gazette. In fact Sullivan had said no such thing.



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