Blood of Ghastly Horror (1971)

USA, 1969-
35mm film, Chill-o-Rama, Techniscope, Metrocolor, 2.35:1
mono, English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Al Adamson.

Plot Summary

A scientist develops a device which, when implanted into the brain of an injured soldier, turns him into a deranged killer.


Directed by: Al Adamson
© MCMLXXI [1971] Tal Productions
Independent-International Pictures Corp. presents a Tal production. Released by Independent-International Pictures Corp.
Executive Producers: Charles McMullen, Zoe Phillips
Produced by: Al Adamson
Written by: Dick Poston & Chris Martino
Story by: Al Adamson & Samuel L. Sherman
Directors of Photography: Lewis Horvath, William Zsigmond
Original Music: Jimmy Roosa, Don McGinnis
Production Sound: Robert Dietz
Makeup: Lee James

John Carradine (Dr Vanard)
Kent Taylor (Elton Corey)
Tommy Kirk (Sgt Cross)
Regina Carrol (Susan Vanard)
Roy Morton (Joe Corey)
Tacey Robbins (Linda Clarke)
Arne Warda (Sgt Grimaldi)
Richard Smedley (Akro)
Kirk Duncan (David Clarke)
Tanya Maree (Vicky)
Barney Gelfan (detective)
John Armond (Nick)
Lyle Felice (Vito)
Joey Benson (Lt Ward)
John Talbert (Curtis)
K.K. Riddle (Nancy Clarke)

Alternative Titles

The Love Maniac
The Man With the Synthetic Brain

Most of the footage in Blood of Ghastly Horror was originally shot in 1965 for the crime film Psycho A-Go-Go. In 1966 some of the footage had been recycled for The Fiend with the Electronic Brain (1966) and in 1972 Adamson shot new material and edited it together with Psycho A-Go-Go material to make this new film.


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