The Alien Dead (1980)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American science/fiction horror film directed by Fred Olen Ray.

Plot Summary

A meteor comes to Earth in the of Florida and turns the residents of the houseboat it hits into zombies. The creatures initially make do with feeding on , but when they depelete their reptile food supply, they turn their attenmtions to the people of the local town.


Directed by: Fred Olen Ray
Copyright 1980 [no company given]
Firebird Pictures presents a Firebird Pictures, Inc. production
Executive Producer: Henry Kaplan
Produced by: Chuck Sumner, Fred Olen Ray
Associate Producer: Shelley Youngren
Screen Play by: Fred Olen Ray, Martin Alan Nicholas
Cinematography: Fred Ray [real name: Fred Olen Ray], Gary Singer, Peter Gamba
Edited by: Mark Barrett
Musical Score by: Franklin Sledge, Chuck Sumner [opening credits]
Music: Franklin Sledge [end credits]
Special Makeup Design [opening credits] Special Makeup [end credits]: Allen Duckworth
Special Effects: Fred Ray [real name: Fred Olen Ray]
Special Animation Effects: Bart J. Mixon

Buster Crabbe (Sheriff Kowalski)
Ray Roberts [opening credits] Raymond Roberts [end credits] (Tom Corman)
Linda Lewis (Shawn Michaels)
Mike Bonavia (Miller Haze)
Dennis Underwood (Deputy Campbell)
George Kelsey (Emmet Michaels)
Martin Alan Nicholas (Doc Ellerbee)
Norman Riggins (Mr Griffith)
Edi Stroup (grocery cashier)
John Leinier (Paisley)
Rich Vogan (Krelborn)
Ellena Contello (Mae Hawkins)
Nancy Karnz [opening credits] Nancy Kranz [end titles] (Mrs Griffith)
Shelley Youngren (angry wife)
Fred Olen Ray (pool player)
Chuck Sumner (Gordon)
Bernice Kelsey (farmer's wife)
Ken Triplot (farmer)
Jocelyn Davies (girl swimmer)
Don Adrian (hunter 1)
Bob Wagner (hunter 2)
Winsley Place (second deputy)

Alternative Titles

The Alien Dead – UK video title
It Fell from the Sky
Swamp of the Blood Leeches
Smierc z kosmosu
– Polish title



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