Alien Zone (1978)


An American science fiction/horror film directed by Sharron Miller.

Plot Summary

A man is on the run from his lover's husband and seeks shelter with a strange mortician, who tells him a series of stories about some of the other people who have called on him in the past.


Directed by: Sharron Miller
© MCMLXXVIII by Myriad Cinema International, Inc.
Leroy and Marvin Boehs present [opening titles] A Myriad Cinema International production [closing titles]
Executive Producer: Arthur Leonard
Produced by: William Jackson
Screenplay by: David O'Malley
Director of Photography: Ken Gibb
Film Editors: Steve Michael, Sharron Miller
Assistant Editor: Pamela S. Arnold
Prints by: C.F.I.
Music Composed and Conducted by: Stan V. Worth
Re-recording: Glen Glenn Sound
Sound Effects: Sam Shaw
Titles and Opticals: Modern Opticals
Filmed entirely on location in Oklahoma

John Ericson (Talmudge)
Ivor Francis (the mortician)
Judith Novgrod (Miss Sibiler)
Burr DeBenning (Growski)
Charles Aidman (Detective Tolivar)
Bernard Fox (Inspector McDowal)
Richard Gates (Cantwell)
Elizabeth MacRae (Mrs Lumquist)
Kathie Gibboney (Julie)
Leslie Paxton (Marie)
John King (Marie's husband)
Stefanie Auerbach as Carol
Bo Byers (Growski detective 1)
Robert Telford (maitre d')
Michael Colley (Stan)
Gary Willis (magazine store owner)
Robert J. Mildfelt (Cantwell businessman)
David O'Malley (Growski detective 2)
Ben Smalley (hanging man)
Evan Tonsing (newsstand attendant)

Alternative Titles

5 Faces of Terror – working title
Alien Force
The House of the Dead
– TV title
Kuoleman talo
– Finnish title
Zone of the Dead


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