The Johnstown Monster (1971)

54m 5s
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.66:1
mono, English

A British fantasy film for directed by Olaf Pooley.

Plot Summary

A group of young children in the Irish village of Johnstown build a model of the legendary local monster only for the real monster to turn up.


Directed by: Olaf Pooley
© Children's Film Foundation MCMLXXI [1971]
Sebastian Productions for the Children's Film Foundation
Produced by: Gabrielle Beaumont
Script by: Olaf Pooley
Continuity: Lillian Lee
Photography: Clive Tickner, Ray Sturgess
Edited by: International Post-Production
Music Composed and Conducted by: Harry Robinson
Recorded by: Bob Nadkarni, Ken Barker
Art Director: Arnold Chapkis

Connor Brennan (Dominic)
Simon Tully (Jock)
Rory Baily (Brendan)
Kim McDonald (Jenny)
Amanda Jane Tully (Oonagh)
Seamus Kelly (Jon)
Dermot Ryan (Gareth)

the adults
Eamon Keane (Minnit)
Michael Goodliffe (McNeil)
Gerry Alexander (Slattery)
Joan O'Hara (Mrs Slattery)
Moynagh Lee (Mrs Hamer)
Derek Farr (Hamer)


Monthly Film Bulletin vol.38 no.454 (November 1971) p.222
A mild fantasy story for children which makes attractive use of its Irish locations. The constructed monster is quite fun, though the ‘real' one (which, it is explained, appears only at Christmas time in Leap Years) is a definite disappointment. – from a review by Kenneth Thompson


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