Alabama’s Ghost (1973)

USA, 1972
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Fredric Hobbs.

Plot Summary

Alabama discovers a cave full of equipment that once belonged to an old magician. He uses what he finds there to achieve celebrity status but he quickly learns just how little control he has over his new powers. He meets a vampire cult and becomes involved in a plot for world domination…


Directed by: Fredric Hobbs
© MCMLXXIII [1973] Fredric Hobbs Films, Inc.
Robert S. Bremson presents a Fredric Hobbs film
Produced by: Fredric Hobbs
Written by: Fredric Hobbs
Director of Photography: William Heick
Editor: Richard S. Brummer
Musical Score by: Andre Brummer
Costumes by: Squeak Krauthamer, Ann Wagner Ward, Elaine Joines, Dr Caligari’s Cabinet, Yarmo, Lux
Production Design: Frederic Hobbs

Christopher Brooks (Alabama)
Peggy Browne (Zoerae)
E. Kerrigan Prescott (Carter’s ghost)
Steven Kent Browne (Otto Max)
Ken Grantham (Granny, Moxie, Gault)
Karen Ingenthron (Dr Caligula)
Ann Weldon (Mama-bama)
Ann Wagner Ward (Marilyn Midnight)
Joel Noble (Doc)
Linda Shelburne, Squeak Krauthamer, Erica Shapiro, Lani Freeman, Hillary Roth, Patricia Shallcorss, Catherine Keir, Rebecca Sand, Richard Marion (groupies)
John Carter (Sandor)
Evalyn Stanley (Vampira)
Ralph Mountain (voodoo drummer)
Philip Gerson (sailor)
Michelle Marrus (witch)
Timmy Cole (monkey)
Cedric Clute (doctor)
Neena (the elephant)


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