Sleepwalker (1984)

UK, 1984
49m, 4562 feet/1390 metres
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Saxon Logan.

Plot Summary

A group of guests at a dinner party at a remote house are forced to a nearby restaurant when a storm damages the house. In the company of the sinister owner and waiter, The group begins to break down and strange and terrible things begin to happen…


Director: Saxon Logan
© Bioscope Limited
Robert Breare presents
Executive Producer: Robert Breare
Producer: Christopher Sprague
Script: Saxon Logan, John Varnom, Michael Keenan
Lighting Cameraman: Nicholas Beeks-Sanders
Film Editor: Michael Crozier
Music Composed and Performed by: Phill Sawyer
Sound Recordist: Terry Hardy
Wardrobe: Judy Shaw
Make-up Artist: Heather Stewart
Special Effects by: Theatrescene Special Effects

Nickolas Grace (Richard Paradise)
Joanna David (Angela Paradise)
Heather Page (Marion Brittain)
Bill Douglas (Alex Brittain)
Lindsay Anderson
Fulton Mackay (restaurant proprietor)
Michael Medwin (waiter)
Raymond Huntley (old Englishman, ‘the colonel’)



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