Kremmen the Movie (1980)

20m, 2238 feet/682 metres
35mm, colour
mono, English

A British animated science fiction short directed by John Sunderland. It features the space-faring hero created by DJ and television comedian Kenny Everett, first for his radio show and subsequently for his television shows. The character also appeared in a short-lived comic strip. It was released in the UK on 31 July 1980 as the support film to Allan Carr's musical Can't Stop the Music (1980).

Plot Summary

Captain Kremmen is named The Most Fabulous Man in the World Apart from God and given a new brain-shaped spaceship. He and his sidekick/lover Carla are assigned a new mission – planets are disappearing and it's up to them to find the culprit.


Director: John Sunderland
EMI presents an Allan Carr production
Executive Producer: Charles Negus-Fancey
Producer: Ray Cameron
Written by: Barry Cryer, Ray Cameron

Kenny Everett (Captain Kremmen)

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