Scream for Help (1984)

89m, 8077 feet/2462 metres
35mm film, colour

A British horror film directed by Michael Winner.

Plot Summary

Teenager Christie Cromwell suspects that her step father is trying to murder her mother to inherit her fortune. But when she starts turning up evidence, she becomes his target instead and she's forced to fight for her life when she's held hostage by her step father and his criminal associates.


Directed by: Michael Winner
© Torremodo Ltd
Torremodo Ltd
Executive Producer: Irwin Yablans
Produced by: Michael Winner
Written by: Tom Holland
Director of Photography: Robert Paynter
Editor: Arnold Crust [real name: Michael Winner]
Music by: John Paul Jones
Sound Recordists: Derek Ball, Les Lazarowitz
Make-up: Richard Mills, Kevin Haney, Enrico Cortese
Hairdressers: Stephanie Kaye, Doris Pollard, Frank Bianco
Special Effects: Allan Bryce, David Watkins
Art Director: Tony Reading

Rachael Kelly (Christie Cromwell)
David Brooks (Paul Fox)
Marie Masters (Karen Cromwell)
Rocco Sisto (Lacey Bohle)
Lolita Lorre (Brenda Bohle)
Sandra Clark (Janey Ralston)
Corey Parker (Josh Dealey)
Tony Sibbald (Bob Dealey)
Clare Burt (Patty Sea)
David Baxt (mechanic)
Matthew Peters (Charlie)
Leslie Lowe (girl at motel)
Stacey Hughes (Seudi)
Michael Corby [real name: Antonio Cantafora] (man at motel)
Morgan Deare (school principal)
Sarah Brackett (school secretary)
Marlene Marcus (librarian)
Diana Ricardo (Mrs Ralston)
Burnell Tucker (Mr Ralston)
Bruce Boa (surgeon)

Alternative Titles

Spur in den Tod – West Germany title



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