Dust Devil (1992)

UK, South Africa, 1992
35mm film, Metrocolor
Dolby SR, English

A British/South African horror film directed by Richard Stanley.

Plot Summary

A shape shifting demon, known only as the Dust Devil, scours the wastelands of the Namib desert in search of the lonely and the unloved. He comes across Wendy, a young suburban housewife on the run from an abusive husband who he chooses as his next victim. As a local police officer and a shaman close in on him, The Dust Devil finds that he might have met his match in Wendy.


Director: Richard Stanley
British Screen Productions, Channel Four Films, Palace Pictures, Shadow Theatre Films
Executive Producers: Nik Powell, Paul Trijbits, Stephen Woolley
Co-Executive Producers: Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein
Producer: Joanne Sellar
Associate Producers: Daniel Lupi, Stephen Earnhart
Script: Richard Stanley
Director of Photography: Steven Chivers
Editor: Derek Trigg
Music: Simon Boswell
Costume Designer: Michele Clapton
Make-up: Lisa Boni
Hair: Lisa Boni
Special Make Up Effects Supervisor: Little John
Special Effects: Rick Cresswell
Production Designer: Joseph Bennett
Locations: Namibia; South Africa

John Matshikiza (Joe Niemand)
Robert John Burke (Dust Devil)
Terri Norton (Saarke Haarhoff)
Chelsea Field (Wendy Robinson)
Rufus Swart (Mark Robinson)
William Hootkins (Captain Beyman)
Zakes Mokae (Ben Mukurob)
Russell Copley (Corporal Dutoit)
Andre Odendaal (Corporal Bates)
Luke Cornell (soldier 1)
Philip Henn (soldier 2)
Robert Stevenson (rifle boy)
Peter Hall (Marist monk)
Stephen Earnhart (camper driver)
Marianne S├Ągebrecht (Dr Leidzinger)
Isaac Mavimbella (farmhand)
Crystal Dobson (Mrs Beyman)
Mickey Wenk (checkpoint soldier)
Stephanus Titus (barman)
Philip Notununu (man in bar)

Alternative Titles


Extracts included in
Brave (1994)

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