Dirty Weekend (1992)

Dolby Stereo, English

A British horror film directed by Michael Winner.

Plot Summary

Driven over the edge by the sexual harassment of a male neighbour, Bella resorts to extreme measures to get her own back – and becomes a serial killer targeting men.


Directed by: Michael Winner
© MCMXCII [1992] Michael Winner Ltd.
Scimitar Films presents a Michael Winner film
Executive Producer: Jim Beach
Produced by: Michael Winner and Robert Earl
Associate Producer: Ron Purdie
Production Co-Ordinator: Margaret Adams
Screenplay by: Michael Winner & Helen Zahavi
From the book by: Helen Zahavi
1st Assistant Director: Ron Purdie
2nd Assistant Director: Patrick Kinney
Script Supervisor: Cheryl Leigh
Director of Photography: Alan Jones
Camera Operator: Gerry Anstiss, Roy Ford
Focus Puller: David Budd
Clapper-Loader: Dean Morrish
Gaffer: John Campbell
Electricians: Ken Monger, Malcolm Evans, Andrew Watson
Camera Grip: Ken Ashley Johnson
Stills Photographers: David Farrell, Toby Corney
Editor: Arnold Crust
Executive Editor: Chris Barnes
Assistant Editors: Barry McCormick, Peter Culverwell
Stills Processing: Pinewood Studios
Production Processing by: Rank Laboratories, Denham
Music by: David Fanshawe
Mountain Earth Harp Created and Performed by: Colin Offord's Great Bowing Company, Sydney, Australia
Conductor: John A. Coleman
Music Recordist: Mike Ross-Trevor
Ethnic Field Recordings by: David Fanshawe
Music Recorded at: The Hit Factory, London
With Special Thanks to: Robert Summer
Music Editor: Robin Clarke
Music Consultant: Clive Farrell, Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.
Music Assistant: Jane Fanshawe
Music Copyist: Fiesta Coleman
Sound Mixer: David Brill
Boom Operator: Martin Trevis
Re-Recorded at: Twickenham Studios
Dubbing Mixer: Gerry Humphreys
Sound Editor: Roy Baker, Bill Trent
Wardrobe Mistress: Sue Wain
Make-Up: Alan Boyle, Christine Allsopp
Production Designer: Crispian Sallis
Standby Prop: Brian Lofthouse
Art Dept. Runner: Simon Lamont
Carpenter: Steve Challenor
Rigger: Thomas Lowen
Production Accountant: Irena Butcher
Production Assistants: Dinah May, Helene Hunt
Floor Runner: Guy Heeley
Asst. to Mr Winner: John Fraser MA (Oxon) M. Phil
Publicity: Richard Laver
Unit Drivers: Steve Prescott, Michael Broadway
Camera Car Driver: Andy Kendal
Construction Driver: Tony Wise
Dining Bus Driver: Dougie Lamb
Security: Peter Roy
Grip Equipment: Grip House Ltd
Editing Equipment: Edit-Hire
Transport Trucks: Aston Lane
Cars: Focus Transport
Insurance: Sampson and Allen
Originated on Eastman film from Kodak
Arriflex Cameras Supplied by: Sammy's
Lighting Equipment by: Hi-Liting
Location Manager: Charles Hubbard
Thanks to the people and officials of Brighton and Hove, the Sussex Police, the Armchair Theatre Group
With thanks to: Jaguar Cars; Cibo; Il Portico; Brocock Ltd; The Noble Organisation; The Hotel George; The Crystal Rooms; Park Street ; Henry's Night Club; Norfolk Resort Hotel; British Rail; Saints Tattoo Studio

[opening titles]
Lia Williams
David McCallum
Rufus Sewell
Sylvia Sims
Michael Cule
Mark Burns
Ian Richardson as Nimrod

[end credits]
Lia Williams (Bella)

Bella's victims in order of disappearance
Rufus Sewell (Tim)
Michael Cule (Norman)
David McCallum (Reggie)
Christopher Ryan (small one)
Sean Pertwee (quiet one)
Nicholas Hewetson (bitter one)
Christopher Adamson (serial killer)

The men who got away
Jack Galloway (David)
Matthew Marsh (Bascombe)
Ian Richardson (Nimrod)
Shaughan Seymour (Charles)
Mark Burns (Mr Brown)
David Schaal (Stan)
Matthew Long (gun shop assistant)
Norman Mitchell (repair man)
R.J. Bell (man in train)
Andrew Neil (newsreader)
Neil Norman (party man)
Tip Tipping (stunt performer)

The ladies
Miriam Kelly (Marion)
Sylvia Syms (Mrs Crosby)
Lorraine Doyle (secretary)
Simone Hyams (party girl)
Ruby Milton (Mary)

Alternative Titles

Dirty weekend – likainen viikonloppu – Finland
Dirty weekend, sporco weekend – Italy



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