L’uccello dalle piume di cristallo (1969)

Italy, West Germany,
35mm film, Technostampa, Techniscope, Cromoscope, colour

An Italian horror film directed by Dario Argento.

Plot Summary

American writer Sam Dalmas is in when he witnesses the attempted murder of the wife of an art gallery owner. The woman survives the attack, but Dalmas finds himself stalked by the would-be killer, who has already successful claimed a number of previous victims. Dalmas begins to investigate but comes to realise that what he thinks he saw that night and what was actually happening may not necessarily be the same things…


* = uncredited

Directed by: Dario Argento
© MCMLXiX [1969] by Seda Spettacoli S.p.A.
Seda Spettacoli S.p.A. – Rome, C.C.C. Film G.m.b.H. – Berlin
Produced by: Salvatore Argento
Written by: Dario Argento
Novel: Screaming Mimi by Frederic Brown [uncredited]
Director of Photography: Vittorio Storaro
Editor: Franco Fraticelli
Music by: Ennio Morricone
Sound Technician: Carlo Diotavelli
Set Dressing and Costumes by: Dario Micheli
Make-up Man: Pino Ferrante
Hairdresser: Lidia Puglia
Locations: Rome, Lazio, Italy [uncredited]
Studios: De Paolis-IN.CI.R

Tony Musante (Sam Dalmas)
Suzy Kendall (Julia)
Enrico Maria Salerno (Morosini)
Eva Renzi (Monica Ranieri)
Umberto Raho (Alberto Ranieri)
Raf Valenti
Giuseppe Castellano (agent)
Mario Adorf (Berto Consalvi)
Pino Patti
Gildo Di Marco
Rosa Toros
Omar Bonaro (other agent)
Fulvio Mingozzi
Werner Peters (antiques dealer)
Karen Valenti
Carla Mancini (girl in street)
Bruno Erba
Gianni Di Benedetto [Professor Renaldi] *
Reggie Nalder [assassin] *
Renato Romano [Carlo Dover] *

Alternative Titles

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage – US title
Bird with the Glass Feathers
The Gallery Murders
Das Geheimnis der schwarzen Handschuhe
– West German title
Phantom of Terror
Point of Terror
– US title
El pájaro de las plumas de cristal – Argentine/Spanish title
Fuglen med krystalfjerpragten – Danish title
Kuoleman lintu – Finnish title
Ljudet av kristallfågeln – Swedish title
Ljudet från kristallfågeln – Swedish title
L'oiseau au plumage de cristal – French title
O Pássaro com Plumas de Cristal – Portugese title
O Pássaro das Plumas de Cristal – Brazilian title
Paratiisilinnun arvoitus – Finnish title
As Plumas de Cristal – Brazilian title
Le sadique aux gants noirs – French title
Svarta handsken – Swedish title

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Extracts included in
Il mondo dell'orrore di Dario Argento (1985)



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