Demonoid (1979)

USA, Mexico,
35mm film, “color by Eastman Kodak”, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Alfredo Zacarías.

Plot Summary

The three hundred year old severed hand of is discovered in a in a silver casket in a Mexican mine and soon its owner has rematerialised and is on the rampage.


Directed by: Alfred Zacarías [real name: Alfredo Zacarías]
A Zach Motion Pictures, Inc., Panorama Films S.A. production
Executive Producer: Michel Zacharias
Produced by: Alfred Zacarias [real name: Alfredo Zacarías]
Associate Producers: Valley Hoffman, Paul Bagley
Screenplay: David Lee Fein, Alfred Zacarias [real name: Alfredo Zacarías], F. Amos Powell
Based on an Original Story by: Alfred Zacarias [real name: Alfredo Zacarías]
Director of Photography: Alex Phillips Jr
Film Editor: Sandy Nervig
Music by: Richard Gillis
Sound Mixers: Joe B. Carles, Ken King
Costumes by: Elan
Make-Up: Rosa Guerrero
Special Make-Up: Ken Horn
Hairdressers: Bertha Chiu, Oze Morales
Visual Effects: A&A Special Effects, Chubby Cordero
Art Director: Xavier Torres Torija

Samantha Eggar (Jennifer Baines)
Stuart Whitman (Father Cunningham)
Roy Cameron Jenson (Mark Baines)
Narciso Busquets (Dr Julian Rivkin)
Erika Carlsson (Nurse Morgan)
Lew Saunders (Sgt. Leo Matson)
Jose Chavez Trowe (Pepe)
Ted White (Frankie)
Haji Catton [real name: Haji] (Angela)
George Soviak (Sgt. Needham)
Whitey Hughes (gambler)
Al Jones (Patrolman Yates)

Alternative Titles

Demonoid: Messenger of Death! – advertising title
Devil's Hand – German title
Les Doigts du diable – French title
Kuoleman lähettiläs – Finnish title
Macabra – Die Hand des Teufels – West German title
Macabra – Mexican title
Macabra: la mano del diablo – Mexican title
Macabra: La mano del diablo – Peruvian title
La mano del diablo


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