El caballo del diablo (1975)

35mm film, colour
mono, Spanish

A Mexican horror film directed by Federico Curiel.

Plot Summary

A wealthy man makes a pact with the Devil to bring his son Luciano back to life after he's trampled to death by a black stallion. Luciano returns to the ranch the following day but he's not the man his family remember and the local priest is called in for an exorcism.


Directed by: Federico Curiel
Cima Films
Produced by: Jorge Camargo, Jorge Rivero, Gregorio Walerstein
Writer: Federico Curiel
Director of Photography: Xavier Cruz
Editor: Maximino Sánchez Molina
Locations: Morelos, Mexico

Jorge Rivero (Luciano)
Narciso Busquets (Don Fernando)
Juan Miranda (Esteban)
Yolanda Ochoa (Luisa)
Linda Porto
Víctor Alcocer (Father Marcos)
Gloria Mestre
Queta Carrasco
Carlos León
Josefina Echánove
Maritza Olivares
Alfredo Gutiérrez
Carlos Bravo y Fernández
Jesús Gómez
Elsa Benn



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