Drácula contra Frankenstein (1971)

Spain, France (“a Spanish/French co-production” – Spanish prints); Spain, Lichtenstein [English language prints], 1972
78m, 83m, 85m (Spain), 88m (Argentina)
35mm film, Techniscope, Eastmancolor, 2.35:1
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

A Spanish/French/Lichtensteinian horror film directed by Jesus Franco.

Plot Summary

is finally destroyed by the vampire hunter Dr Seward and his remains are revived by Dr , who arrives at the Count's castle with his assistant Morpho and his monster stored in a large crate. Dr Seward is again called in to fight the , helped by a werewolf and hindered by the Frankenstein monster.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Jesus Franco [Spanish prints] Jess Franco [real name: Jesus Franco] [English language and Italian prints]
Chamartin presents. C. Fénix Films Madrid, Comptoir Français du Film Paris [Spanish prints]. Interfilme Lisbonne, Fenix Films [real name: C. Fénix Films] Madrid, Prodif Ets Vaduz [English language prints]
Executive Producer: Arturo Marcos
Producers: Luis Lasala, Guy Gibert and Paul D'Ales
Story and Screenplay: Jesus Franco [Spanish prints]
Screenplay by: Jess Franco [real name: Jesus Franco] and Paul D'Ales [English language prints]
English Language Version by: David Mills [English language prints]
Characters: Mary Shelley *; Bram Stoker *
Assistant Director: J.M. Loubarri
Script Supervisor: Nicole Guettard
Director of Photography: José Climent
2nd Camera Operator: Alberto Prous
Editor: Maria Soriano [real name: María Luisa Soriano] [Spanish prints]
Editor: R. Aventer [English language prints]
West German Version Editor: R. Aventer *
Color by: Telecolor [English language prints]
Music: Bruno Nicolai, Daniel Whitte [Spanish prints]
Musical Score by: Bruno Nicolasi [English language prints]
Music Publishers: Gemelli [English language prints]
English Language Version Directed by: Richard McNamara [English language prints]
Make Up: Monique Adélaïde *; Elisa Villeneuve [English language prints]
Special Effects: Manuel Baquero
Art Director: Antonio de Cabo
Locations: Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain *; Estoril, Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal *; Lisbon, Portugal *; Murcia, Spain *; Paris, France, *

Howard Vernon [Dracula]
Dennis Price [Dr Frankenstein]
Geneviève Deloir [Amira]
Mary Francis [real name: Paca Gabaldón] [Maria]
Alberto Dalbés [Dr Jonathan Seward]
Britt Nichols [vampire girl]
Anne Libert [Dracula's 1st victim]
Luis Bar Boo [real name: Luis Barboo] [Morpho]
Brandy [the werewolf]
Fernando Bilbao [Frankenstein's monster]

“with the intervention of”
Josiane Gibert [Estela]

English language version
Howard Vernon [Dracula]
Dennis Price [Dr Frankenstein]
Geneviève Deloir [Amira]
Josiane Gibert [Estela]
Alberto Dalbés [Dr Jonathan Seward]
Mary Francis [real name: Paca Gabaldón] [Maria]
Britt Nickols [vampire girl]
Eduarda Pimenta [credited on export prints only]

Uncredited cast
Daniel J. White [Danny]
Antonio de Cabo

Alternative Titles

Dracula against Frankenstein
Drácula contra el Dr Frankenstein
Dracula contro Frankenstein – Italian title
Dracula le prisonnier de Frankenstein – alternative French title
Dracula Prisoner of Frankenstein – UK title
Dracula prisonnier de Frankenstein – French title
Dracula prisonnier du docteur Frankenstein – French title
Dracula vs. Dr Frankenstein
I maestri black horror: Dracula contro Frankenstein – Italian title
Nacht der offenen Särge, Die – West German title
Satana contra Dr Exortio – early title
Screaming Dead – US title

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