Christine (1983)

35mm film, Panavision (anamorphic), Metrocolor, 2.35:1
Dolby, English

An American horror film directed by John Carpenter.

Plot Summary

High school nerd Arnie Cunningham buys a battered 1958 Plymouth Fury and names her Christine. He lovingly restores her top pristine condition only to find that the car has a life of its own and it's starting to have an affect on the newly confident Arnie. His friends decide that the only way to save him is to destroy Christine – but she's ready and waiting for them…


Director: John Carpenter
Columbia Pictures Corporation, Delphi Premier Productions, Polar Film
Executive Producers: Kirby McCauley, Mark Tarlov
Producer: Richard Kobritz
Script: Bill Phillips
Novel: Stephen King
Director of Photography: Donald M. Morgan
Editor: Marion Rothman
Music: John Carpenter, Alan Howarth
Sound Mixer: Thomas Causey
Costume Designer: Darryl Levine
Make-up Supervisor: Bob Dawn
Hair: Frankie Bergman
Special Effects Supervisor: Roy Arbogast
Production Designer: Daniel Lomino

Keith Gordon (Arnie Cunningham)
John Stockwell (Dennis Guilder)
Alexandra Paul (Leigh Cabot)
Robert Prosky (Will Darnell)
Harry Dean Stanton (Rudolph Junkins)
Christine Belford (Regina Cunningham)
Roberts Blossom (George LeBay)
William Ostrander (Buddy Repperton)
David Spielberg (Mr Casey)
Malcolm Danare (Moochie Welch)
Steven Tash (Richard Trelawney)
Stuart Charno (Don Vandenberg)
Kelly Preston (Roseanne)
Marc Poppel (Chuck)
Robert Darnell (Michael Cunningham)
Richard Collier (Pepper Boyd)
Bruce French (Mr Smith)
Douglas Warhit (Bemis)
Keri Montgomery (Ellie Guilder)
Jan Burrell (librarian)
Charles Steak (shoppie)

Alternative Titles

O Carro Assassino – Portugal
Christine – tappaja-auto – Finnish video title
Christine, de John Carpenter – Spain
Christine, la macchina infernale – Italy

Extracts included in
Christine: Fast and Furious (2004)
Christine: Finish Line (2004)
Christine: Ignition (2004)


Melody Maker 10 March 1984 p.32
Great to see John Carpenter back on form with this Stephen King horror tale. Great stuff. – from a review by Brian Case



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