Cujo (1983)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1

An American horror film directed by Lewis Teague.

Plot Summary

Donna Trenton is having a bad day – her husband has found out about her affair and now her car has broken down. She and her young son Tad are trapped in the very small vehicle while Cujo, a huge Saint Bernard who has been bitten by a rabid bat, circles around outside…


Director: Lewis Teague
Taft Entertainment Company, Sunn Classic Pictures
Producer: Daniel H. Blatt, Robert Singer
Script: Don Carlos Dunaway, Lauren Currier
Novel: Stephen King
Director of Photography: Jan De Bont
Editor: Neil Travis
Music: Charles Bernstein
Sound: Mark Ulano
Costume Designer: Jack Buehler
Make-up: Robin Neal
Hair: Julie Purcell
Special Make-up Effects: Peter Knowlton
Special Effects: Rick Josephson
Production Designer: Guy Comtois

Dee Wallace (Donna Trenton)
Daniel Hugh-Kelly (Vic Trenton)
Danny Pintauro (Tad Trenton)
Christopher Stone (Steve Kemp)
Ed Lauter (Joe Camber)
Kaiulani Lee (Charity Camber)
Billy Jacoby (Brett Camber)
Mills Watson (Gary Previer)
Sandy Ward (Sheriff Bannerman)
Jerry Hardin (Masen)
Merritt Olsen (Professor)
Arthur Rosenberg (Roger Breakstone)
Harry Donovan-Smith (Harry)
Robert Elross (Meara)
Robert Behling (Fournier)
Claire Nono (lady reporter)
Daniel H. Blatt (Dr Merkatz)

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