Brain Dead (1989)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
Chace Surround Stereo, English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Adam Simon.

Plot Summary

A neurologist researching paranoia is asked to investigate an insane mathematician who is holding a secret formula in his brain.


Directed by: Adam Simon
© 1989 Concorde/New Horizons Pictures
Concorde presents
Produced by: Julie Corman
Associate Producer: Lynn Whitney
Screenplay by: Charles Beaumont, Adam Simon
Story by: Charles Beaumont
Director of Photography: Ron Schmidt
Edited by: Carol Oblath
Music by: Peter Francis Rotter
Production Mixers: Craig Felburg, Bill Robbins
Costume Designer: Catherine Taieb
Makeup and Hair: Angela Margolis
Special Makeup Effects: Barney Burman, Rob Burman
Optical Effects: Motion Opticals, Inc.
Blue Screen Effects: T&T Optical Effects
Production Designer: Catherine Hardwicke
Casting: Barbara Cohen, Leslie Litt

Bill Pullman (Rex Martin)
Bill Paxton (Jim Reston)
Bud Cort (Jack Halsey)
Patricia Charbonneau (Dana Martin)
Nicholas Pryor (man in bloody white suit/Ramsen/Conklin)
George Kennedy (Vance)
Brian Brophy (Ellis)
David Sinaiko (Berkovitch)
Lee Arenberg (Sacks)
Andy Wood (brain surgeon)
Maud Winchester (Crazy Anna)
Lisa Moncure, John Kellam, Willie Carson, John Paxton, David Sklare (board member)
Cynthia Ettinger (Nurse Anderson)
Shannon Holt (Toni)
Jeff Foster (Fred)
Brent Hinkley (Dewey)
Deirdre O'Connell (Mrs Halsey)
Ann Vincent, Dorothy Vincent (Halsey's aunts)
Kyle Gass (anaesthetist)
Dean Robinson (valet)

Alternative Titles

Lobotomie – French Canadian title
Morte Cerebral – Brazilian title
Paranoia – alternative title
Sanglante paranoïa – French title
Мертвый мозг – Russian title
ブレインデッド – Japanese title

Extracts included in
Carnosaur (1993)


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