Brainscan (1994)

95m, 8,609 feet
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
Dolby Stereo, English

A Canadian science fiction/horror film directed by John Flynn.

Plot Summary

16-year-old horror fan Michael stars to play the interactive game Brainscan which makes him beieve that he is committing murder. But are the killings also happening in real life?


Directed by: John Flynn
© 1994 Coral Productions, N.V.
Summit Entertainment presents a Michel Roy production. A John Flynn film
Executive Producers: Esther Freifeld, Earl Berman, Andrew Martin, Bob Hayward
Co-executive Producer: Jeffrey Sudzin
Produced by: Michel Roy
Associate Producer: Admire Productions, Ltd.
Screenplay by: Andrew Kevin Walker
Story by: Brian Owens
Director of Photography: François Protat
Edited by: Jay Cassidy
Music by: George S. Clinton
Sound Mixer: Don Cohen
Costume Designer: Gaudeline Sauriol
Makeup Artist: Marie-Angèle Breitner-protat
Hair Stylist: Johanne Paiement
Makeup Effects Created by: Steve Johnson
Makeup Effects by: X.F.X., Inc.
Prosthetic Makeup: Adrien Morot
Special Physical Effects: Ryal Cosgrove
Video Effects by: Telecine Multimedia
Digital Effects and Compositing by: Sidley Wright Motionworks
Game Entrance Effects by: The Post Group
DOMINO Digital Effects by: Cinema Research/Digital
Production Designer: Paola Ridolfi

Edward Furlong (Michael)
Frank Langella (Detective Hayden)
Amy Hargreaves (Kimberly)
Jamie Marsh (Kyle)
Victor Ertmanis (Martin)
David Hemblen (Dr Fromberg)
T. Ryder Smith (Trickster)
Vlasta Vrans (Frank)
Dom Fiore (Ken)
Claire Riley (news anchor)
Tod Fennel (young Michael)
Michele-Barbara Pelletier (Stacie)
Dean Hagopian (Mr Keller)
Donna Bacalla (Mrs Keller)
Jérôme Thibergien (Mr Tebb)
Don Jordan (cop #1)
Pete White (dog owner)
Peter Colvey (John)
Paul Stewart (Bob)
Richard Zeman (police officer)
Zak (the dog)


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