Carnosaur (1993)

USA, 1993
35mm film, colour
Recorded in Ultra Stereo, English

An American science fiction film directed by Adam Simon. It was the first in the Carnosaur series.


Geneticist Dr Jane Tiptree is planning to destroy the human race using a virus so as to make way for a genetically created breed of dinosaurs. A night watchman, Doc, and an environmentalist, Ann, team up to try to stop Tiptree, fighting for survival against her horde of ravenous dinosaurs.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Adam Simon
Pacific Trust Copyright © 1993
New Horizon Picture Corp *
Executive Producer: Roger Corman
Produced by: Mike Elliott
Written for the Screen by: Adam Simon
Based upon the novel by Harry Adam Knight [real name: John Brosnan]
And the treatment by John Brosnan
Director of Photography: Keith Holland
Edited by: Richard Gentner
Music by: Nigel Holton
Sound Mixer: Christopher Taylor
Costume Designer: Kristin Burke
Key Make-up: Renata Helfman
Special Makeup and Creature Effects: John Buechler and Magical Media Industries Inc
Special Make-up & Visual Effects: Magical Media Industries Inc.
Key Make Up Effects: Bill Zahn
Visual Effects Supervisor: Alan Lasky
Special Laser Effects by: Lasermedia Inc
Production Designer: Aaron Osborne

Diane Ladd (Dr Jane Tiptree)
Raphael Sbarge (‘Doc’ Smith)
Jennifer Runyon (Ann ‘Thrush’)
Harrison Page (Sheriff Fowler)
Ned Bellamy (Fallon)
Clint Howard (Friar)
Frank Novak (Jesse Paloma)
Ed Williams (Dr Raven)
Andrew Magarian (Swanson)
Brent Hinkley (Peregrine)
Lisa Moncure (Mallard)
Myron Simon (Vogel)
Jeff Foster (Lt Colonel Wren)
Martha Hackett (Kroghe)
Michael Elliott (Siegel)
Michele Harrell (Rowena Fowler)
David Sinaiko (Jay)
Maud Winchester (Downey)
Norita Golanos (Janie Paloma)
Monte McEvilley (Heckel)

Alternative Titles

Carnosaurus – Germany
Carnosaurio – Venezuela
Carnoss√°urio – Portugese title

Carnosaur II (1994)
Carnosaur 3: Primal Species (1996)

Extracts included in
Raptor (2001)

See also
Jurassic Park (1993)



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